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Never too old to be naughty

I like being naughty. I like it, but I find it hard to do sometimes. My self consciousness is a bitch and she kicks in and stops me from letting go, from being the naughty girl I want to be. It has got harder as I have got older. She tells me I am stupid, a grown woman behaving this way. She tells me I am foolish, believing that I can be sexy. She ridicules me in a voice which has become so well ingrained it is hardly discernible from my own.

Sometimes, especially times when I have help, I can push her voice away. I can stick my tongue out at her, flash my bum at her, and I can tell her to go and get lost. I can let my naughty come out and I can really enjoy it. I find that naughty feeds naughty so as with so many things with me, the more, the more, as it were. But being naughty is not always easy. Sometimes I need to be pushed, sometimes I need to be made to do it.

That is why I am a submissive. It means that HL can make me do it. He doesn’t have to force me, of course. He only needs to tell me and I can hear his voice instead of the self-conscious voice that sits on my shoulder. I can hear his encouragement more than I can hear her chastisement. I can focus on his words and let myself follow his instructions until a switch inside me is flicked and I can slip into doing what I am doing.

It sounds silly. It is silly. It is a silly thing that lots of other people can do without having to be told. Lots of girls can just be naughty and own it. I have to be made to own it as I am made to want it and to wear it. And I am made to do that. I am made to wear it like a badge and the way that makes me feel means that I stay in that space where I can be the person I want to be, free of judgement and ridicule.

never too old to be naughty - bending over a stool to flash knickers

This picture was the start of some naughtiness. By the time we took it I wanted to be naughty. I actually wanted to be really bad. So I did what was requested of me and I kept on doing it. I kept going until I had done some things that I never thought I would do. And I felt good being bad and being naughty. I didn’t feel my age either. I felt young. I felt young and sexy and free. And so I really do think that you are never too old to be naughty.


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    • Thanks Marie. I find I slip into it easily with a partner in crime. That could be something to consider. Missy x

  1. Yes, we understand the difficulty in embracing your naughty side. Sometimes we wonder if we’re too old… Then, we realize all the time we’ve missed being Mr and Mrs responsible, straight laced, mom and dad, working, etc… We decided it’s our time to live our authentic lives. Be who we are instead of who others expect or want us to be. At 50, our window is closing and we’ve got a lot more years behind us than ahead so we’ve decided to make the best of the time we do have left. Love the image by the way…

    • Thank you and I can relate to the fear in the background of time slipping away. I still feel young but in reality I wonder how long I can get away with it. Good to know there are kindred spirits out there though. We can all grow old ungracefully together! Missy x

  2. Beautiful, young, and a little naughty. The admirable piece is even with the voice holding you back, you still do it. My wife may have that voice, that is what I need to figure out. Again you do it and even blog about it.

    • Thank you Tom. I think blogging has made it easier actually. It gets it out into the open rather than having to make excuses and hide. Thank you for the compliments too. Missy x

  3. Super sexy picture missy, those legs go on forever. I love that you want to be naughty and that you wish to feel something young inside you that allows you to be submissive and fun.

  4. I am right there with you on this. His voice drowns out my inner one and I can do things I wouldn’t normally allow myself to do under the guise of letting someone else have control.

  5. That picture is stunning Missy! I can relate to the voice telling me I’m stupid and silly for doing certain things but it’s so freeing to be pushed past it.

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