A humiliating display

A humiliating display

This snapshot, a humiliating display, contains consensual erotic humiliation. Erotic humiliation is psychological humiliation which produces erotic excitement and sexual arousal. On a psychological level it can work by using what a person fears and is embarrassed by and exposing them to it in a way which is safe. It can tap into what they see as being shameful, challenging their self-view and their self control.

Humiliation works differently for each person and what might be pleasurable for one can be damaging for another so good communication and effective aftercare are key. If you want to read more about humiliation and how it works for me I have added some links at the end.

“Go on,” he said.

I twisted again on myself. I wanted to but it felt too much. I just couldn’t, couldn’t bring myself to say it even though he wanted me to. I wanted to do it for him, so much. For both of them really now that it came to it.

But something held me back: the sound of my voice which seemed so loud and out of place; the way I was lying, sprawled and ungainly; the fact that I was completely exposed for all to see. That was surely enough. I was still too present, hyper aware of every twitch and moan and gasp.

My head was spinning with it.

He continued to taunt me.

“Go on. Tell him that you want him. I know what you are thinking, so I want you to share it. Let him know what you are thinking. You want to make him happy don’t you?“

And there it was.

“You want to make me proud too, don’t you missy?”

“Yes Sir,” came the breathy reply as he continued to push three fingers inside me, working me as a wanton puppet for the camera. Well not just for the camera, of course, but I wasn’t going to think about that at the moment.

Or so I thought.

Missy, your friend has been waiting. I am sure he is eager to hear how much you want him and want to please him, so I think you should tell him.

It was like it was on the tip of my tongue. Right there, just waiting. I wanted to say it. God knows that I did, but somehow my mouth couldn’t form those words. There was still something there of myself, stopping them as I wrestled my thoughts.

He took his fingers out of me then.

He looked at them and made a show of putting them next to the camera so that it caught the wetness and they glistened. I thought he was going to say something but he paused and looked right at me. His face took on a seriousness that sort of melted my resolve. I wanted this so badly. I wanted him and he wanted to show me off and despite how I felt about that myself, I wanted to do that for him. I didn’t want to let him down. I didn’t want him apologising for the fact that I had not done as agreed.

And I had agreed, of course. I had been looking forward to this. I wanted to take things further, not just for him but for me too. I wanted it for all three of us. I cared so much what they thought and that was why this was tricky for me. I felt so unsure though. I was exposed, physically of course, but emotionally too. I wasn’t comfortable and that was leading to such a delicious cocktail of fear and confusion and excitement.

My arm was across my eyes in some vain attempt to cover my modesty while my legs were spread wide for all to see. The camera was next to me and he was holding me open to demonstrate what happens when he touches my clit. I moaned gently and although the sounds were muffled, as if coming from someone else, I knew the noises were mine.

“Say it. Tell him that you like to have your clit touched.“

I pleaded no and I giggled, sounding stupid, as I turned in and out on myself and I wondered what I could do.

“I can’t,” I tried again.

“You can and you will,” he said simply, in a way which suggested he knew that he had already won and was just enjoying the moment.

I could feel myself slipping deeper and a blank sounding voice repeating the statement back to him. I was so wet and so turned on and I was getting to the point that I didn’t care.

“And the rest,” he said.

It came easier then. I meant the words of course but I was too far gone to be able to feel the need to pull back like I usually would.

“I want you to touch me.”

“Good girl. Go on.“

“And I want to suck your cock,” I said, looking directly at the camera.

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  1. Omg I know that struggle! To form the words He wants me to say, and yet they get stuck, just there at the top of my throat, wanting so badly to comply. You captured it so well.

    Good job, both capturing the moment in writing. And in finding the strength to say what you had to say.

    • Thank you Miss D. I am never sure if it comes across so it’s good feedback to get. It sounds such a simple thing for someone who doesn’t have my issues with and I see other people do things like this easily so I always wonder if it really makes sense to others. I guess I am not alone in terms of my triggers though. missy x

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