Dragon Tail

The Dragon Tail

The Wicked Wednesday prompt this week is Dragons. I thought about writing a Dragon Tale but then decided to write about the Dragon Tail instead. I have not written any fiction for quite a while. There are a couple of reasons for this: Firstly I prefer to read and write real life pieces; secondly, during lockdown I stopped trying to fit in with what others suggested my blog should be like and concentrated on doing my thing; and thirdly, I have accepted that my ‘fiction’ is just my real life experiences put into a fictional setting. In other words, I am not a short story writer but a teller of my own story. I am happy with this and, although I may still dabble in some fiction from time to time, this space will remain the place where I share my own journey.

As regular readers will know, my own journey led me to find my handsome prince. He didn’t have to slay a dragon to win my hand of course, although he did have to escape the clutches of one in order to finally wrestle free. We bought a castle, got married, and three years later I presented him with a Dragon Tail Whip as an anniversary present. I was tentative about it. I was pleased with my purchase as the 3rd anniversary is leather and I am a girl of tradition, but I was nervous about what this little beast would do. Did I really want to unleash its fiery tongue all over my naked arse?

As it happened, HL was keen to do just that so as soon as the opportunity arose, I found myself at his peril. I loved the look of it. It felt nice too as HL placed it over my left shoulder and slowly moved his hand so that it stroked me gently. I liked it! I enjoyed it the sensation as he lay me face down on the bed and continued to caress me with slow, meandering movements which relaxed me into the experience. What a great purchase this is, I thought to myself. I am really going to love it. As he began to move the dragon tail in a figure of eight motion, I felt its delicious bite as it scratched the surface of my skin quite lightly. On yes. I would take more of this.

The force behind his swing became heavier, more focussed and stronger, and the innocent looking implement really picked up a bit of bite to it. My arse was on fire and so were my thighs where they caught some of the wraparound. Yikes, I thought, what have I done, as I felt him relaxing in to his rhythm. I have never been sure how you can tell when you are lying face down what someone is feeling, but with HL, something about his actions lets me know when he is getting hard on the thought of what he is doing to me. Something seems to take over, as if he taps into another part of himself, and in response, he triggers something in me.

Once in full swing, I understood why this soft piece of suede was more of a whip than a flogger. The motion he used was definitely a whipping one and the tongues of red left on my skin were a sign of how much it stung. The dragon tail is definitely a toy to work up to, and for me that means within each scene, and not just with experience of impact play over time. It can be fierce but effective if wielded well and definitely has more of a lick than the other impact toys we use such as the flogger, the crop or the paddle. The cane is different, of course, but HL tends not to use that to full force, whereas with the dragon tail, to do it properly will certainly bite.

We attended a workshop held by Aemilia Hawk which was about using floggers and whips. Aemilia is a real expert and I have linked an instructional video clip here in case you would like to know more about ‘Dragon Tail Basics’.

Prompt #437 Dragons

I mentioned my fiction earlier and I actually wrote about a Dominant called Dragon who was one of the Masters at the Submissive Training Academy attended by April during the A to Z Challenge last year. Follow the link to read about Dragon in Confronting the Cane.

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  1. This is so clever! When I saw the dragon prompt all I could think about was fictional dragons but of course in our world we have the dragons tail!

    The way you wrote this I can imagine myself being in your place. I haven’t felt a dragon tail before but I can imagine the burning feeling once the hits increase.

    Ps: Personal stories that are fictionalised is still fiction! Don’t diminish your own work.

  2. We also have a dragon tail, much shorter than the one in your image, but I do recognize what you write about how it feels on your skin, and having to work up to it. I do love the marks it leaves πŸ˜‰
    ~ Marie xox

    • It is nice to work with i think and makes a great sound! I look forward to reading about it if you try one out 😊

    • I chose red to match the dragon tail. I hope that it works – it was actually one of the photos that I took for my challenge. Missy x

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