World Map

World Map

World Map

I am your world map.
You explore me with eagerness,
Immersed in my culture,
Discovering what I have to offer.

You find out more about me
Applying your own thoughts,
Adding them to what you find
In my villages and towns.

My latitude and longitude
lead you to find new places,
Pinpointing all that I am
In your new cartography.

Charting each continent and contour,
Crossing boundaries and borders.
Becoming my magnetic pole,
Uncovering Horizons previously unknown.

I am your globe
I turn for you
On each of your hemispheres
From North to South.

My rivers become seas,
A tributary to you,
Every last bit of you,
As the miles become territories.

My geography is changing
For you. Regions and peaks,
Undulating mountain ranges,
Coordinates that scale me.

Gently your finger traces
The atlas I have become,
Contours and lines merge
as I rise and fall.

Time zones don’t matter now
as we become the world.
The map of us and what we are
seismic and earth shattering.

I am your World Map
You navigate me
And I am lost in you.
I am your topography.

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