6 Reasons To Use A Blindfold

There are lots of good reasons to use a blindfold: they can be fun, they can be sexy and in a BDSM sense, they can enhance the experience that you have in a number of ways. Sexually, I quite like to have my eyes closed as I am less distracted by my surroundings and find it easier to let go, which is my thrill, of course. At other times I will be told to keep them open and that certainly adds something too. We don’t use a blindfold a lot, it is more of an occasional thing, but when we do, I am reminded of how much I like it, and what a great accessory to play it can be.

A Blindfold Can Make You Feel Sexy


We have used functional blindfolds, makeshift blindfolds, and also more heavy duty hoods, although that is another story. Recently I received this lovely satin blindfold from Bondara and I love it because it looks good and makes me feel much sexier than the plain eye mask type. Clothes and accessories can really change the headspace that I am in right before play, so something more stylish can add to the mood and make me feel attractive and desirable. A hood will do the opposite and leave me feeling depersonalised and vulnerable in a different way. Both are good of course, but they illustrate how a what you wear can change how you feel and set you up for the scene.

Sharpening The Senses

When one sense is removed, the others become sharper. This means that without sight, you rely more on your other senses. Touch becomes even more intense and because you are unable always to work out how, or with what you are being touched, you begin to let go of the outside world and focus on the feelings and the sensations. This can work really well in a sensation scene such as the one I write about here. The loss of sight makes it easier for me to give up control as I don’t know what is going to happen next.

Adding An Element Of Surprise

This brings me to the element of surprise. If you are able to see, then you will inevitably anticipate what is about to happen. If, for example, your partner has a glass of ice-cubes and you see them reach for one and bring it towards your body, your reaction will likely be to tense and mentally prepare for the cold feeling. Without sight, this is not the case. You will experience the sensation as a surprise and your brain will take time to process the message that comes from your body.

This can work really well if you want to create a ‘mindfuck’ and trick your partner into imagining that they are experiencing something which they are not really. It can also mean that you become more responsive than when you use your mind to interpret what you are experiencing and feeling. This leads to heightened sensitivity and a heightened experience and cab be really good fun to experiment with.

Creating Vulnerability And Excitement

It is always exciting to do things which make us feel a little vulnerable. Not knowing can be stressful for some, but as long as you trust your partner and have agreed boundaries beforehand, it can be a good way to build the your trust and create intimacy. This can be really exciting, especially if you enjoy being submissive in the bedroom. It is a good way to give up control and allow yourself just to exist in the moment. if you are like me and you have a million things going on in your head at any one time, then it can be a challenge to really let go, so tools which help to do that become even more important.

Wearing a blindfold on the chair

Building Trust

Trust is key in any relationship, but the level of trust you can find through Dominance and submission can lead to a really strong connection for you both. Handing yourself over to someone else and trusting them not just to keep you safe but to be able to read your body, your responses, and bring you pleasure, can be a huge part of this. Using a blindfold can be a gentle and fun way to start this process and to start to follow the lead of the other person.

A Blindfold As A Dominant Tool

This leads quite nicely to a blindfold being a useful dominant tool. It will put the D type firmly in control of their partner and allow them to lead play in the direction that they want to. It provides the space for them to experiment and observe reactions without being seen themselves. This can be really helpful for a new Dom as it will allow more time for them to pause, think about what they want to do, and get ready without feeling that they are detracting from the scene; the breaks will only focus the submissive on the sensations which are to come.

Blindfold in Church

So there you go: 6 reasons to use a blindfold if you haven’t already. And if you have, but like me had forgotten how exciting it can be, then why not give it another try?

The pictures above are of the ‘Bondara Red Luxury Blindfold’ which retails at £13.99. Thank you to Bondara who sent me it to try – I love it. You can find details of the blindfold here and if you use this link, then I will earn a small thank you from them for anything that you buy.

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  1. I love the color and look of that blindfold Missy! Very elegant. I’ve been searching for one that blocks out light completely but think my nose may be too…..something. lol maybe I will make my own.
    Great points here about blindfolds, the mind fuck part is especially true (for me anyway).

    • I think it can be hard to find one that blocks out everything without it being more functional. I like the look of this one and couldn’t see but a bit of light does come in. Have your tried a hood? Then you really can’t see lol

        • I know what you mean. And for me the way it looks feels quite humiliating. I imagine how odd I must seem and I become a body much faster, leaving myself behind. HL has also found that he can treat me a bit differently when he can’t see me to it was interesting to experiment with. Missy x

    • Yay. Thank you Etta. I am glad to provide some inspiration. I have a hot scene to write up to but haven’t got to that yet. missy x

  2. Great piece missy, some good advice and some wonderful pictures, as always. I have limited use of blindfolds but as you say it gives me a chance to pause (panic) and think through my next move.

  3. They really do help to sharpen the senses – What i dislike is after when i try and write up a scene i find it difficult. I work so much on visuals in my writing.
    Lovely images Missy
    PS i did notice – as I am so observant – u have not included the tell me about badge! tut tut 😉

    • Eek. Thanks for pointing that out May. I must get on that. It is because it was an older post I think! Maybe you could focus on the other senses in your writing too? I hadn’t really thought about it but it is interesting. Most of mine isn’t visuals description I think. Hadn’t realised that before. Missy x

      • Well smell has always been a big sense for me in general and I often feature that in my writing – but in my blindfold post i do look at all other senses – particular the touch and how my brain reacts –
        PS i often forget to put on the f4thoguhts badge!
        May xx

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