Feeling playful in a wetlook playsuit

Feeling Playful

I enjoy dressing up. Dressing up for HL is even better as he makes me feel sexy. I have written before about enclothed cognition and the fact that the right clothes can completely change my mindset for the better. I have been trying to celebrate this through a focus on posts about Feeling Good. Recently this has been lost a little as I struggle with the demands of my work life and the effect that is having on my energy levels and output, so it is good to escape into a place where I am can enjoy feeling playful.

I bought this play suit in a sale so it was much less that it would have been. I was a bit worried about how I would look as in the marketing these things are always shown on young glamour models rather than 50 year old housewives. But I had hope, as I do, that I could look, not like a glamour model of course, but not like the stereotype of a 50 year old housewife. Actually, I suppose that really I am a 50 year old teacher, but I wonder if the image that conjures up is even less sexy!

Anyway, when it came I tried it on cautiously. I was pleasantly surprised, however. It needed some TLC. The high shine had come off in parts, hence it found itself in the virtual bargain bucket where I discovered it. We used a silicone spray to feed it and bingo – good as new! Really, what should get me feeling more playful than playing in a play suit? That was the theory at least. Now I just had to work out what to wear with it!

I have wanted a cat suit for ages and although a play suit is not quite there, I thought it would give me a chance to wear the kitten ears headdress that I have had for a while. I really like the ears. They are leather and although you can’t see here, the way the headdress works gives it more of an accessory feel rather than something from the dressing up box which I think can happen with the head band type. The suit zips from the back of the neck right around and up to the waist, but the zip isn’t two ended, so there wasn’t the opportunity to wear my tail which I had thought would be fun.

Feeling sexy is really important and although I can worry about my age, my shape and the fact that I might look inappropriate, once I am dressed up, none of that seems to matter. It is HL’s response that steers my feelings and in my head, I look as I feel. This was a really good pick-me-up through the week, and it also meant that I had some pictures to play with and to post here for the weekend. So all in all, feeling playful was a 10 out of 10. I hope that you enjoy the images.

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  1. I love the pictures, but then again I am biased! I agree with missy that clothing can certainly make a difference, if not to others, most certainly to your own mindset. Now, where’s that new lens………..?

  2. Wow missy, what a great purchase. It looks totally amazing on you and I’m really enjoying the selection of images you’ve shared with us. That bent over one is especially hot for me, absolutely model material

  3. You look great in this outfit. And I am almost sure that if you had just post a poll to guess the age of the model, answer had vary between 20 and 40.

    • Thank you. I think not seeing a face can make it hard to age people really so in this case, anonymity is my friend lol

  4. There is definitely something to be said for the right piece of clothing. I’m unsure how this sex suit (I say that in the best way possible) could not make anyone feel sexy, it’s gorgeous and looks marvelous on you!

    • Aww thanks Mrs K. I didn’t have anything like this before but have wanted to for a while. I am drawn to the catsuits too but actually this got quite warm so I think long arms and legs would be hot in more ways than one lol

  5. What a look you’ve pulled off – as you always do! Stunning- the suit, that angles, the poses, the sexy accoutrements- you have it all going on but the BODY – never doubt that you’re looking fiiiiiine! ((Said in the voice of Shaft not a Home Counties lady!)
    Flying the flag for the sexy mature woman – but yep looking like a 20 year old xx

    • Aww thank you Posy. You are very kind and I love your little asides. We need a mature body collaboration. That would be interesting. You have got my mind working now!!! missy x

  6. Looks so fun! Even in the pics I can see a more relaxed side of you..playful is it. Gorgeous pics by the way! 50 something? Who cares! You look great and are enjoying life. That’s what matters!!

    • Thank you QH. I think I slip into a more carefree and playful mood as part of my submission so I do feel different and more relaxed. And you are right. I am enjoying dressing up and feeling good. Missy x

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