The Teacher and Me

The Teacher and Me

I could hear his voice and that became my grounding, my root. I listened and he kept me with him although the words were just like a caress over my skin as they didn’t seem to lodge in my brain to be understood or to have a purpose. In fact it felt like my only purpose was to be present in that moment, experiencing those feelings and existing purely for this and for him.

The teacher and me

Vocation: a type of work that you feel you are suited to doing and to which you should give all your time and energy

I saw that May’s 4 Thoughts prompt this time was teachers. I wanted to write about it, but I can’t write the post I want to right now. In her intro she says: If you are yourself a teacher – what ever possessed you? Surely it is a vocation? I really think it is. It is something that I feel is part of me. I cannot separate it from me, and yet, at the moment, it consumes pretty much all that I have. I know that these are “unprecedented times” so it is wrong to judge at the moment, but four weeks in and I still feel that I am reeling.

Under normal circumstances it is not like this. My role is certainly one of the more varied ones. When you support 200 pupils then the issues you deal with are going to be wide-ranging. It involves meticulous planning and spontaneous response. I can’t show my own emotions and have to keep them tightly packaged up, despite being emotionally invested in each one of the people who crosses the door. It is impossible to capture the nature of the job and to explain how I bounce from one thing to the next, keeping it all in my head.

There is a deep emotional investment which means that you can’t stop thinking or caring or doing your best

I could cry for some of these young people and the lives they have. I could wrap them up and bring them home to show them a different way. I could shout and scream with frustration at the world and the way it treats people, at a system which bursts at the seams and heaves and gurgles under the pressure that makes it ineffective for so many. I will wake in the night with the fear and the guilt of something not done or something forgotten and I can’t stop thinking because I feel that I am the only one who is really thinking, and we all deserve thought.

On top of this and the need to continually prove myself against ever changing national targets, standards and initiatives, they plonk the ill thought-out decision of a response to unprecedented times and expect me to absorb all of that as well. Which I do, of course, because I must. Because they still come through my door and it is not their fault. They are as much a victim to this as me, and more, because at least I understand. At least I see how it is and how it must be. They look to me to make sense of it and although I cannot, I keep trying.

It takes precedence over everything and your own needs are pushed to the side as you concentrate on striving to compensate for the failings of others

So it is a vocation. It takes over everything, at times. Recently It has taken my blog and my engagement with others and I am sorry that I have not been here. This is my escape. You are my other world and I have been pretty absent, I know. The past four weeks have been harder than I expected and it has made me ill to the point where I wondered if it was something I could keep doing in its current form. My four week migraine seems to have lifted though and with it comes that clarity that I can cope and I will manage and I should carry on.

So in different times I would write about the reward and the satisfaction and the privilege of being able to work with the honest, inspiring, brilliant young people that I do. They keep me grounded in the things that matter and they give me hope that things will get better. They make me laugh and they surprise me often. They make sure that no day is ever the same and that uniqueness is something to be celebrated. They are refreshing in their innocence, their desire to learn, and their passion for what they believe is right.

At the end of the day, I long to escape to the freedom of my submission

As it is, I planned to write about my escape. I planned to write about the moment pictured above when I cease to be any thing for any one, apart from what HL makes me. I wanted to write about my other self who is free from all the thinking and the weight of the responsibility. Submission is my freedom, my escape and my release, and it is the reason I can do what I do. In submission I can be what I need to be, what I am told to be. I can get lost in the simplicity that all I have to do is whatever is required of me.

I have been trying to prioritise this part of me and find my way to a healthier work/life balance but this will require more focus and concentration I think. HL has been really helping and I am pushing myself to share my kinky thoughts with him when they come, because later when I am wiped out they feel sort of out of reach. One of the great things about D/s is that once shared, it is out of my control. My current loss is not in the desire to be engaged on that level, but more in the lack of energy to really commit much to initiating things, so to have him do that helps greatly.

Help to prioritise what really matters through Dominance and submission is key to things working well

I have shared some of the things I might not usually. Things which will lead to me feeling the erotic humiliation which is such a trigger for me. This has worked pretty well and has actually energised me in a way I wouldn’t have expected, albeit a relatively temporary thing. This is ok as HL is starting to see how it can work in this sort of context and what that means, and he is able to feed it with a comment here and there. It has given us a spark that connects us and it is really important to me to continue to prioritise this, as it is what gives me the strength I need to do the rest.

I have also asked for his help to prioritise the other things that matter to me in terms of self care so there is quite a bit on the programme for the weeks to come. I hope that this will allow me to get back to writing more, reading more and commenting more. We also got a new camera so are trying to think about photography and opportunities to explore more in that sense. I know that I need structure to manage my time and my energy levels and unless this becomes a priority, I risk being lost to the demands that the ill managed process of change in other areas of my life has left me with.


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    • You are very kind. Usually I love my job and that makes it manageable but currently it is all so strange and it is having an impact. I am glad that I have all of this (gestures widely) to distract me and give me an outlet though ❤️

  1. Oh Missy, you have made my heart ache. “At the end of the day i long to escape to my submission” Yes yes and 1000 times yes. I could not put my finger on the craving to walk out of my school and to emotionally collapse into my submission. No longer having to emotionally wrap myself around and support students needs or endure colleagues politics. My submission is also my refuge where being bound tight with rope or feeling the burn/sting of the paddle renews my spirit to be able have the strength to face a new day.
    Thank you for articulating this so well.

    • I can relate completely to the way that feeling the rope and the impact releases you. I am never sure whether or not I have explained so it means a lot that you were able to connect which what I have written. Thank you. missy x

  2. You told me you had been struggling with getting back to work and I know what it feels like from past experiences. I’m glad to read that you’ve come out of it a little and feel like you’ll be able to cope. It must have been incredibly hard with a migraine that lasted 4 weeks?!
    You’re so compassionate. It’s one of the things I admire most about you. I’m happy for you that the dynamic is working and helping and that you’re able to share your thoughts. And I’m very much looking forward to new pictures!

  3. What you do is amazing Missy, juggling all that you do and everything you have to remember. You do this all with care and compassion plus some very sexy photos to add. Take care of yourself ❤️

    • Thank you gem. The photos really help somehow. I suppose they let me connect with that part of me in a visual way too. missy x

  4. I think it says a lot when you have struggles in your own life but still worry about others. But I’m glad you have this space to be you, to share yourself with the world. Just like the image you’ve shared now I’m also looking forward to the fruits of this camera, going to have to practice being the model so that HL can hone his skills. I love the shape of your hips in particular.

  5. It’s good to hear that your migraine has lifted and your head feels ‘lighter’ again, and also good that you have asked HL to help you get back to where you want to be. With the world in the state it’s in, and returning to school fulltime, I can imagine it being quite overwhelming, and taking the joy out of other things. I hope you find a new balance, Missy, but with the help of HL, I am sure you will 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

  6. TBH Missy I don’t know how you manage to fit everything in – I am glad you realise you can and will cope – – “covid times” surely they have to end?
    May xx

  7. I can’t imagine being a teacher during the good times, let alone now. It takes a special kind of good soul to be a teacher. Rock on!

  8. My comment is coming late…for all the reasons you have described above and more. Teaching during this mess has felt, at times, impossible, and it requires even more than in normal times (which is already a lot). You have explained it so eloquently here. And I fully understand the need to let someone else take the reigns for a bit…how D/s can provide respite and balance.

    My thoughts are often with you in these times.

    • Aww you are very kind. I have thought of you too as I know that you are going through so many similar things. Hopefully things will be easier in the new normal as we all adjust. Missy xx

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