a spank an orgasm and an audience

A Spank, an Orgasm and an Audience

I mentioned in my post about limits and boundaries that we had been away with friends and had pushed some of the boundaries we previously had with regard to playing with, and in front of, others. Choosing to do this was not a conscious thought; it was more that we put ourselves in a situation where things might move in that direction. It was also not a quick thing and was something that we had tested the water with over a period of time. Anyway, that is how I came to have a spank and an orgasm with an audience.

You can probably tell from the picture that this was not something which was particularly planned or set up. Well, I suppose may be playing down the part that HL put in prior to the weekend, which involved lots of discussion with all parties, myself included. What I mean is that it did not materialise as part of some carefully orchestrated scene, but more on the spur of the moment when the conversation seemed to take us in that direction. The conversation may have been planned for all I know, but when it happened it felt natural and caught me off guard.

We are used to having conversations like this with friends. We chat online at least twice a week as a group and are all pretty open about the play we do and the methods we use. This time was different, however, in that the conversation led to a demonstration of what we did and the methods we used. It was like the hypothetical discussions we usually have, until we got to the ending. I think it came after a toy show and tell, so it felt pretty fluid rather than being something which was forced. That said, it was a step for me.

To be fair, I had known previously that HL wanted to further our humiliation play by making me orgasm in front of other people, but saying and doing always feel so different. He has also said that he wants to take me to the Maldives and fuck me for a week in one of those houses on sticks in the sea, but I have not been there so far. He seemed serious when he announced that I was to get over his knee so that he could illustrate how our erotic spanking was done.

I felt clumsy as I positioned myself over his knee. He told me to take my knickers off, but he let me leave the sheer black shirt I was wearing on. I did what he asked obediently although inside I felt really awkward. I tried not to look anywhere really but think I was wearing an embarrassed smile on my face. This means that I am squirming. He knows the look and can identify really easily now when it is working, so I imagine he knew that he was on the right track.

I wrote about the submissive headspace I had entered in my last post and this really helped. Although I was embarrassed to be doing this, the place I was already in meant that I was pretty submissive and just focussed on doing what I had been asked to do. I can’t say that the thoughts weren’t there in the background, right next to the rest of my audience, but I tried to shrink and slip deeper into the space where it wouldn’t matter at all.

I had wondered if I would be consciously aware of being watched the whole time. This was not the case. I seemed to dip in and out as the pleasure and pain built in waves. It felt like a gradual undoing I suppose, and the further I went into the feelings of pleasure, the more that they seemed to push the feelings of humiliation and embarrassment away. They were still there of course. HL made sure of that he kept me where he needed me to be on that score, with little reminders of what was happening.

I also realised quite early on that this demonstration of erotic spanking seemed to be focussing much more on bringing me to orgasm than it usually would. Often the spanking part itself would move deliciously slowly to its crescendo, picking up in pace and intensity and turning from something which is reassuring in its rhythm to something far harsher and less predictable. When this happens, HL will usually introduce the wand so that I slip from pleasure to pain and back again, taking more of each.

This time it moved quite quickly to the wand and, although the spanks became harder and more intense, there were longer gaps in between where he was making me lose myself to the pleasure. I could hear a camera clicking and this provided a reminder that I was being watched. HL also talked a bit to those watching, demonstrating how wet I had become and commenting on the way my body was reacting. Each of these things made me think about what I must look like and a feeling that things were not quite real came over me. Was I really doing this?

I was, and the I don’t care who is watching or what they think because I am fast becoming lost to my feelings, was not far behind. I passed the point where I really minded that I was making such a display of myself. I was deep in a place where the pleasure takes over and I knew that he wasn’t going to stop until I came, so I felt it was pointless to try to fight it. He can always tell when I am close to orgasm and he took this opportunity to announce that I was about to come and how he knew. This somehow was a signal for my body or my brain, whichever was relevant at that time, and I felt myself tip over.

I think that the real embarrassment came afterwards. For some reason, afterwards was not something I had thought much about beforehand. These feelings meant that I didn’t really come out of that submissive space like I might usually, as it pushed me back and held me somewhere which felt safer to be. His submissive, his plaything, really, just his. Things feel so much more straightforward when I am just his and I enjoyed that way that felt, because nothing seemed to come along to penetrate that or pull me back out.

Wicked Wednesday

I have added this post to the Wicked Wednesday post of ‘Frame It’, because I was being watched and photos were taken. Also, the picture I have used tells a story of a significant moment for me. To see who else is taking part in the prompt this week, please click on the button above.

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  1. This is so amazing! It’s interesting how you can become “lost” in your headspace and the room melts away, but how every once in a while something (like a camera click) will remind you of your position and place. HL knows your tells well to be able to inform everyone you were close to climax. Thats quite impressive 🙂

    • He says that the skin on my bum changes or something like that. So embarrassing so I didn’t put it in lol. But thank you. It feels quite amazing when I see it written down like that 😊

  2. So fun to read your thoughts on playing whilst being watched, I’m sure people reading will feel like they were in the room too with you. Trip to the Maldives next then? 🙂

    • Thank you 😊 It feels like a big step but one that we had been working up to for a while so it was very exciting

  3. It’s wonderful to read the about the headspace you went through, the way you were aware, then not, then again, then not, and also wonderful how you stayed in your submissive headspace. Thank you for sharing this, Missy. Wonderful post 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

    • Thank you. It is always hard to put into words isn’t it. Sometimes I feel I write about the same things over and over but I think this is me trying to explain what I mean and get it right 😊

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