in Suspension cuffs

In Suspension Cuffs

HL tells me that tonight we are going to use the new suspension cuffs we received from Bondara. I am not sure what to think. I have mentioned before that I am a lazy sub and the thought of holding my own weight and making an effort sometimes stops me really relaxing and getting into the play. But he installed the ceiling hook a while ago and we have always meant to get some cuffs to use with it, so I try to get into the right headspace despite my reservations.

Actually, I discover quite quickly that I have been totally wrong about the cuffs. And also about suspension really. They are not only made from lovely soft calf leather and feel very secure and comfortable, but you hold onto the straps once your wrists are in them. I had never really thought about how they worked but this encourages me, and as he fastens me to the ceiling hook with the karabiner, I am able to lean forward and let myself sort of fall. This feels cool. Way better than I had expected and I twist and turn a little, experimenting with the free sensation if creates. I like this!

Suspension Cuffs

He runs his hands over my body and whispers in my ear, “Fuck, you look sexy like that!” and I feel myself slipping a bit into that place where I move closer to him. I actually feel sexy and I play up to him a little as he stops to take some pictures. He adds that he is taking one for our friend and will send it to him. The thought makes me squirm a little as I slip deeper into my submissive space. By the time that he turns me to face the mirrored wardrobe doors and instructs me to look at myself, I am feeling pretty hot.

How he does this I don’t know, but he has engaged my brain and pulled it towards him, making my body his. When he puts his arm around me and and reaches down with his other hand to thrust his finger inside me, I gasp. He fingers me hard and tells me what a good position this is and how he never realised how much he enjoyed doing this standing up. Neither did I, I think, wondering why we have taken so long to try this. He pushes my legs further apart and tells me how vulnerable I am. I feel deliciously weak and weightless, my body taut as it arches into him.

My legs feel a bit like they are no longer supporting me and my weight hangs from my arms. I am comfortable like this which sort of surprises me but really I feel too good to think about that and I let myself move in a languid sort of way, as if I am water or air, rather than flesh. He stops what he is doing and reaches for a small flogger. We call it the pussy flogger as that is often where he uses it. He also flicks it on my nipples as I hang there, leaning into the sensation and the pain and the pleasure. It licks at my body and although there is a slight sting, it enhances the sensation that I am feeling, the cool air it creates, contrasting with the heat of my body.

His fingers find me again and he comments on how wet I have become. I can hear that he is right and although the room is dark, I know that he will sense the hot flush across my cheeks that his words create. I move effortlessly, twisting on his words and his touch and my own weight and I think again about how much I like this feeling. He slaps my bum a few times and moves to using the crop on my body. I am really starting to drift now and I can hear myself moaning lightly as I feel my body trying to find more, a hunger and greed for the feelings he is giving me taking over.

He puts the crop down and I think he is going to release me when he says that he wants to try fucking me like this. He is rough with me and I cry out and feel a bit like a puppet dangling on its strings as it is played by its master. This is hot. Really hot, and I don’t want it to stop at all. It does though, in the end, and releasing the suspension cuffs from the hook, he moves me to the bed where he tells me to lie with my arms out to the sides and my legs spread wide. He tells me that I mustn’t move and asks if he will have to secure me. I tell him no but I notice the lilt in his voice and the darkness in his eyes as he reaches for the wand. I realise that he is far from finished with me yet.

Bondara leather suspension cuffs

Thank you to the lovely people at Bondara who sent us their Luxe Real Leather Suspension Cuffs. I have only ever worn traditional cuffs before but if you are looking to try suspension then I can highly recommend these as they are comfortable to wear and a lot of fun. The straps mean that your body weight is distributed evenly, rather than being concentrated on your wrists, and I was able to wear them comfortably for the duration of our scene. You can find details of the cuffs here and if you use this link, then I will earn a small thank you from them for anything that you buy.


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  1. Such an amazing sounding scene and so deliciously written Missy. I have never tried suspension cuffs but would really like to if it is even half as hot as you write it.

  2. I’m so jealous! That position is one I’ve always wanted to try. And oh my I was smiling all the way through reading this. This is so hot and it makes me happy knowing you had such a good time

  3. Those leather cuffs look amazing and I really enjoyed reading the fun you described with it. But that picture really is something else, it’s incredible, I could look at your body all day.

  4. Such a good description of this scene that it would be nice for the manufacturer to give you a swing. I think many people after reading this post will want to buy for themselves too.

    • Ooo then I think you would love these. I found that I could really relax into them and it was completely different to being secured with rope or with wrist cuffs. I loved your comment that you ‘get strung up to hooks in beams quite a bit’ said in such a matter of fact way lol. 😘

  5. The image taken up your body totally takes my breath away. Wow, just wow! And it sounds so cool to be suspended like that. It made me think of the hooks we have that we were planning to put in the ceiling for YEARS. It might be time 🙂
    ~ Marie

    • Oooo yes. I didn’t take so much interest in ours when HL did it which I expect disappointed him and meant that he used it less. It was good for us to see how well it works and we can plan for more play like this now. Thank you ❤️

  6. Damn, where is that cold shower when I need it. Suspension by my wrists has long been a fantasy of mine. Even before I heard the term BDSM. After reading your description I want it even more.

    • Thank you Cindi. I really enjoyed it as you can tell although I hadn’t expected to which made it a really nice thing. Always great to discover something you had sort of out to one side 😊

  7. You always write in such a way that I wish I was the one in the scene! I especially appreciate the note about HL taking a photo to send to a friend. Sending pics and revealing some things about our dynamic are part of our newest conversation. I would love to know that HQ would hold that kind of power and follow through afterwards, especially since that likely would include a level of humiliation (which we know would be awesome).

  8. This was a very hot scene- tapping into some of my favourite fantasies. It’s great that I know you & trust you so am confident that it really was A pleasurable experience- we all know erotic scenes can be written without any basis of fact or personal experience… but not on this blog. Wow.

    • Aww thank you Posy. That means a lot. I think it is so important to be honest about what happens and how you feel when you write from a personal reflective stance 😊

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