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Sex as the Sixth Sense

Back in the 18th century, philosophers debated whether or not sex was a sense. This continued into the Victorian times with good arguments on both sides, but the discourse became sort of settled and the acceptance of only 5 senses was adopted. More recently discussion has started again with proposals outlining varying numbers of senses, although sex is usually not one. Despite the fact that the sixth sense these days is more commonly considered to be a sort of intuitive one, I am going to run for a while the idea of sex, or desire, as being the sixth sense.

Sense is defined as a faculty by which the body perceives an external stimulus. I can see really why popularity fell away from this line of thought, because much of the sex I have had hasn’t changed my perception in the powerful way it would need to either in a mental or in a physical sense. Until this, (she says gesturing at the notion of her power exchange relationship) that is. And oh my goodness, the definition fits. The sex we have, which I would term play rather than sex because it does this very thing and is not focussed solely on penetration, is this exactly.

I know that many would argue that actually sexual play is perceived through the senses rather than being a sense through which perception comes, but I would disagree to some extent. Although the sensory processing is a huge part, it is the way that the actions translate on a cerebral level that is what makes or breaks it for me. Heightening one sense by removing others can change the way that this happens, but because it goes way beyond the physical, I don’t feel it is really about taste, touch, smell, sound or sight. It feels like it is about something much bigger.

The way that I experience it, he plays with my mind. He does it in a way which means that I slowly give in and let go of everything that keeps me grounded to reality. I cannot translate or respond to things in my usual way. Time slows or halts altogether. There is no real feeling of a place or an environment. As he increases my desire, really for whatever it is he wants to give, my perception of everything is seen through that. The me who exists usually is lost to it. My mind and my body follow the road that he leads them down and I am shaped and made by the feelings themselves.

My thoughts are a vehicle to allow it to happen initially but even they are hijacked. Nothing makes sense in real terms and yet there is clarity and purpose that I experience in no other moment. I exist for him, for this, whatever this is. I am broken apart and new-made all at the same time. Everything becomes defined and understood by the feelings and the thoughts become almost subconscious. The external stimulus he provides or uses can be experienced as something completely different to what it is in reality.

Pain becomes pleasure and pleasure can become pain. Humiliation is erotic and torment is beautiful. Mind fucks become not just possible but probable with experiences being well beyond what is physically achievable. The world of fantasy is an accessible reality and depth of feelings that are experienced transcend the words available to articulate them. Desire for him, for the feelings he elicits, for the person I become through what we do are the sole ways of perceiving what happens.

I am not really sure where that leaves me with the senses other than to say that more than any of the 5 accepted senses, sexual desire is what determines and allows me to understand what I am experiencing during our play. So ultimately I have to conclude that sexual desire, in terms of the way it is experienced for me, is definitely a faculty by which my body perceives the external stimulus.

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  1. The way you have described the play, the way pleasure becomes pain and pain becomes pleasure… yes, I can see where sex can be perceived as a sixth sense. Maybe they weren’t all that wrong back in the 18th century ๐Ÿ˜‰
    ~ Marie xox

  2. That description of your submission and how you become this vehicle for him is fascinating. I can see how it could become another sense, and it provokes a lot of thoughts. Very inspiring missy

    • I think that they probably do. Although such a huge part of my engagement comes from my thoughts that it is confusing to isolate what the original stimulus is. My thoughts respond often to an internal voice so I am not sure that is a sense at all. Who knows lol ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. This so much matches my post “Bring me to my senses” Where mine is a visual (literary) example of this feeling, yours explains it in such a thorough way. I absolutely agree with you. That space or moment in time between here and “there” is a sense all of it’s own, and feels like a heightened form or an extension of the senses.

    • Thank you. I havenโ€™t read yours yet but will go and do so as it will be interesting to see it written about from a different angle. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • Brilliant, then I am so glad that you said it. I think that the sort of sexual play we have takes it to another level so the experienced is altered isnโ€™t it? Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. This was such an interesting read. I never considered sex as a sixth sense but I think you make a strong argument. The way you describe your experience is exactly how I feel about it and itโ€™s something I could never put in words when I was younger. If I had read this then I would have copy pasted it to the first person I tried to explain it to. You captured it really well

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