seeing through things

Seeing Through Things

“It is said that wisdom lies not in seeing things, but seeing through things.”

Manly P. Hall
Seeing through things - see through blouse

We are really lucky in that we are getting away for a few days. I have been looking out for clothes which will work. HL prefers me to wear as little as possible when the opportunity presents itself for alone time, whereas I always prefer to have something on as a layer. I feel the cold and also can find it hard to feel sexy when confronted with my real life, in the flesh, all of it, body. So I have put together a collection of items to slink around in which I hope that he will approve of.

One of them is the white blouse above, which I hope will be a compromise that he allows me to wear for him. It is pretty sheer so he can easily see through to what is his but if also means that I feel, to an extent, covered so it should work. I wrote earlier in the week about wearing clothes to feel sexy and this is something that I have always tried to do because his response to how I look will often change how I feel in it and, ultimately, how I behave in it.

On a more serious note, I chose the quote above for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I thought that it fitted with the image and, I hope, with the theme of the weekend. But I also chose it because I did a personality test a couple of days ago and two of the things that are key to my personality type are insight and authenticity. Authenticity is important to me and looking deeper to see through what is on the surface is something that I do a lot. I like looking beyond, or beneath, or through. Really, the motivations of people is what interests me.

Any image is, of course, just an idea of the person, the scene, and the suggestions that it encapsulates and so it is important to always see through what is there. I find that thinking like this often opens up the possibilities and keeps things interesting. Let’s hope our weekend away is also full of possibilities.

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  1. I often find clothed way more sexier than naked, for me personally and also for others. Also, the act of undressing is actually very sensual and enticing. This is a very sexy image, and I hope that HL and you had a fantastic weekend away!

  2. Saw this a few days ago and I instantly loved it, got caught up in a few things so I haven’t had time to comment. Those nipples are really lovely and I enjoy how much they show through

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