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Booty Harness

I have a confession to make in that I have been a bad friend to ML in terms of supporting her Tie Me Up project. We have never really been bitten by the rope bug but we had vowed to use the opportunity and inspiration that her fortnightly rope prompt brought to make some headway with it. HL likes tying knots and is quite good at it so it is something we have tried. I think it tends to be quite slow when you are starting out and has just had a more chilled vibe than some of the play we like.

Saying that, we did take part in the bit gag prompt which we really enjoyed and had committed to do more. We had an issue with rope length and you can see from this that, although HL ordered more, we now have three pieces, all the same length and still no longer piece. However, back to this week’s task and a booty harness it was. Although not wildly sexual, the tying does allow time to connect and it is nice to be doing something with HL. Or rather, having him do something to me.

Booty Harness

The final tie wasn’t quite like the one he had set out to do but it was a booty harness and my buttocks felt nice and secure. I know that some people wear these sorts of things under clothes and even instead of clothes, and this is something that I can see the appeal of. You certainly can’t forget about the fact that you are tied when in this sort of bond so it works nicely for maintaining the mindset.

So task completed and I am looking forward to doing more. We have decided to make a rope tie part of the weekly connection that we do on a Wednesday, where possible, and this feels like a positive thing for us.

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  1. We hardly ever follow the prompt completely. It add style to the rope 🙂
    This looks wonderful and the prompts really are great for learning some new things!

  2. Love the look. Ropes always look amazing, but they do look like a lot of work and time. Can I ask how long did it take to do this? And does it take the same time to get out as well?

    • Thank you. I think it took about 15 mins and about 2 to get out of it. It isn’t fast but it is a nice connector as there is a lot of touch. You should give it a go. missy x

  3. I love the pictures you took. The angle of the first makes it look kind of mysterious and raw to me and the second works really well with that colour and the light. Don’t worry about having to join in, you’re just as supportive by being my friend, but of course, I love seeing your rope results 😉

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