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Back in January 2019 I wrote about the new writing project I had was launching, Tell Me About … Dominance and submission. This came really from me thinking about my direction as a blogger and my place in the writing community. I started my blog to write about D/s as a lifestyle choice and my own experience of it and the move to setting up The SafeworD/s Club and then Tell Me About was part of my endeavours to share my own experience and learn from others. I have really enjoyed hosting Tell Me About and have been thrilled with the support that I have received from fellow bloggers who are also writing about these topics.

So why a change?

I suppose in the same way that events caused me to reflect on my direction back in 2019, I have been considering my place and my purpose once again. I have never seen myself as a sex blogger and, while I write about sex sometimes, I see that as just part of writing about life. I don’t particularly like labels, this Tell Me About post explains why, but if I had to attach one with regard to my blogging, I would say that I was an ‘alternative lifestyle blogger‘ – get me! I blog about my lifestyle – living as a married submissive, being a mother, a teacher and a wife, my knowledge and thoughts on aspects of health, education and relationships and some other random stuff that comes up, so that label feels like a fit.

The idea behind Tell Me About was to share links to posts from other people who were also writing about Dominance and submission. A big part of this was because when I had looked for information myself, I found it hard to find someone who was writing about a lifestyle that I could relate to. I guess what I wanted was to create a resource which would highlight other voices in the hope that there would be something there for everyone. I love it when people comment on my writing and say that they can relate to what I am saying, but equally well I know how different we all are and so it is nice to be able to hear from more voices than just the one.

The New Tell Me About

Home to writing projects and resources on lifestyle topics with a twist!

The new Tell Me About does all of this and more. I have extended it so that it is not just writing about Dominance and submission. The two weekly writing prompt is still there and will continue but there are also other pages, with links which are open all the time for writing on sexual health and on kinky DIY projects. I am more than happy to add to these if there is something that people feel would be useful, so there is the possibility now that the site can grow further. Sticking with the D/s theme, there is also a page where you can link a D/s diary to give readers an insight into what life as a Dom, sub or a switch is really like.

A Photography Meme

I am also really excited that Tell Me About will also be the home of new weekly photography meme – MONOCHROMEROTIC. MONOCHROMOERIC is hosted by Littlegem and she explains more about how it works in her welcome post – Welcome to Monochromerotic. It starts this week so if you like monochrome images and you like erotic images then hop on over and add you link to Monochromerotic #1. If you don’t want to post a picture yourself but love erotic photography or the monochromatic kind then you can check out the images and vote for your favourite each week.

A Podcast

The other piece of news is that there will also be a Tell Me About Podcast. This is the brainchild and baby of HL so I will leave him to do his pimping of it when the time comes. He tells me that it will be launched in “the autumn”, so it gives him plenty of to get chatting to all of the nice people who are going to be part of it. Keep an eye out for that one!

If you are a regular reader or contributor to Tell Me About then I really do want to thank you for your support so far. I hope that you will continue to participate and that you will be encouraged to get involved in some of the new things going on. If you haven’t visited before, or are new to blogging, then we would love to see you there.

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