Just another statistic to crawl for

Statistically, the odds of her finding herself here had been pretty high. He liked to play games, but the games, of course, were never really stacked in her favour. Well only insofar as he knew her needs of course. He loved a spreadsheet too. He kept data on everything and was a real stat nerd that way. She never really knew when he added to his charts but he did, and he used the information as part of his planning, delivery and execution.

That was where she was right now. Execution stage. She couldn’t quite believe it. He had warned her, not so many hours before, that her penalty would be an orgasm. Her gift to him and his gift to others he had said. And so here she was; about to be brought to a grand climax right there at the club. It was fitting, she had to give him that. He had been talking about the total number of orgasms to date only the previous week, and she had zoned out. He had caught her then too, using her name to pull her back to him.

He never let anything go, and he had clearly filed it away for the right time to see what, if anything, she had retained. Incidentally she had not retained much of her clothing either, having been instructed to shed the lingerie she would rather have kept on, when he had removed her coat at the door. So there she was, being led across the room to where he would allow others to feast their eyes on her. She could have felt angry that he made her crawl, but in many ways it was a kindness.

She felt her hips sway, and although she was completely mortified, she felt a sense of grace as she moved slowly beside his leg. She could feel his warmth, and the cloth of his trousers smelt reassuringly of him. She was deep into the place that she needed to be already and he was her only focus only. She imagined, briefly, the faces of those around her, some wearing a look of delight, some, she hoped with envy, and others perhaps a modicum of disbelief. The thought compounded her feelings and bound her even more closely to him.

As they reached the elevated platform, he paused to allow her to move up. Carefully she ascended and waited as he came to stand beside her again. He knelt down then so that he was level with her and placed his hand under her chin, tilting her face to look up at him. His eyes told her all that she needed to know but he moved his mouth close and whispered into her ear regardless. If she hadn’t been trying so very hard to deal with her own humiliation, she might have smiled at the thought that, as statistics went, this was definitely a first.

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  1. Spreadsheets are hot af. Whisper “=iferror(filter(‘Sheet1!A:W, MMULT.LEGACY(SEARCH (A1, Sheet1!A:W), TRANSPOSE(SIGN(COLUMN(‘Sheet11!A:W)))),”Not found”)” in my ears and I’m yours forever…

    • That actually makes me feel quite unwell. Which is better than getting angry and wanting to cry. Which is the other response. ?

  2. This put a huge smile on my face. I love stats, and love that in the end, she had her own ‘stats’ noticing it was a first time he did that. And, the humiliation her is SO sexy!
    ~ Marie xox

    • Thank you Lord Raven. Humiliation is kind of my thing so although display is not for everyone, it works for me ?

  3. As always, your fiction is so enticing and delicious! It always makes me want to be there. What an amazing pic too!

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