You twist my words

You twist my words

You twist my words,

Turning and truncating them

Into something new, 

Slowly before my eyes.

Letters shape and move,

Syntax slicing through

My nuance, creating

Something I do not recognise.  

Screaming the meaning,

Disbelieving, I try to explain.

Flowing freely the words fall

Into the air, landing

In neat phrases again.

Punctuated carefully,

Crafted with thought,

Clear units of understanding. 

Not content with my content

You begin to twist again,

Tearing my clause with your

Claws until you shred

And redefine, replacing indentifiers 

With qualifiers. Reform, transform, 

New form, is born, and it’s all

Linguistically alien to me. 

My metaphorical meaning 

Falls heavy on the proverbial deaf ears

Of your page. Erased. 

Twisted. Twisted. Twisting,

Twisting, again and again 

Over and over. Tighter

They coil, compressing, conjugating,

Erupting inevitably, uncontrollably,

Words spill at will 

Angrily and meaningly, 

Lexicalising into the contextless 

world, where they wait. 

Drained by denotation.

Choking on connotation.

You twisted my words.

My words twist you. 

Prompt #414 – twist

I used to write a lot of poetry but haven’t used it much as a genre here, although I would like to include it more. Some of the other poems I have posted are: Waiting – a haiku, He Wanted Red and 30 Orgasms and a dribble

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  1. You should write more poetry here…Now I need to reflect on your words…there seem to be so many themes.

  2. Not content with my content

    You begin to twist again,

    Tearing my clause with your

    Claws until you shred

    So powerful! And written so nicely. I hope we see more poetry in the future 🙂

    • Aww thank you Mrs K. The lovely feedback has really helped. It’s always quite nerve wracking to do something different ?

  3. That is neat Missy – particularly the last verse – it is funny how words can be twisted – because at the end of the day what something means to one person may be different to another. And u know – that’s All right 😉

    • Yes you are right. I suppose sometimes people want their own interpretation to be they key one. Also sometimes I think the it’s because the person whose words are twisted actually carries some weight. ?

    • Aww thank you gem. I have had some lovely feedback so that it really encouraging. I think I will try. missy x

    • Well I take that as a huge compliment but I wouldn’t say I know how to write poetry. Analyse it perhaps. But I will take that from someone who knows about writing, and I will enjoy it. Thank you ❤️

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