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Some thoughts on celebrity

I wonder if the view on celebrity is changing. For some reason, in usual circumstances we seem to love celebrity. We have a society which doesn’t just raise up the status of celebrities but actually goes out of its way to create them. I don’t get it. Well, that’s not exactly true. I do get it in, that I understand it is a commercial tool for marketing and a way to get us all striving endlessly to be and to have things that we don’t currently. I understand that it taps into the psychology and the sociology of a society which has developed far beyond its simple beginnings, but on a personal level, I don’t get it.

I have never been much interested in celebrity, or in celebrities themselves. I don’t remember dreaming of the pop star or film star that I hoped I would be with, or be like one day. I had no posters up on my wall of celebrities who influenced or inspired me. I suppose that I had books on my shelf written by authors who allowed me to enter their fantasy world in slightly the same way, but it has never felt like the relationship I have seen others have with their idols.

For some reason, I have always been focussed more on the here and the now. More on what seemed to me like a well calculated possibility, rather than a flight of fancy. I have found it easier to relate to people who share aspects of my life, than to those who have a life which is far removed, albeit one which contains some desirable elements. I have never wanted to be famous and I have never been much interested in those who are. Their lives seem beyond mine and I find myself drawn to those who are closer, more attainable, more relatable.

in a society where celebrity matters I have tried to address this in order to fit in a bit. I have tried to watch the ‘right’ things and even went through a period of buying ‘Hello’ magazine as a means to keep up with what was in vogue. But it didn’t do it for me. It didn’t motivate or interest me, and luckily it didn’t leave me with a sense of something lacking or something missed either. I could conclude that this is because I am happy with what I have, and comfortable within my own skin, but this is not the case.

I have experienced a lot of different things in my life and at points I have been desperately unhappy, both due to outside influences and internal factors. I think it comes more from the point of having values which mean that normal everyday is what I seek. I’m inspired by the small things around about me: a word, a gesture, an action. I am encouraged by some of the everyday people I some across during my day to day life. I notice the positivity that is modelled by those who I can aspire to be more like.

The life I want feels manageable and attainable. It feels within my reach. The person I want to be feels like someone who I live with and who is never far away. I have a life which is rich in opportunities to learn and grow and develop, not from the influence of people I will never meet, but from those who I am in contact with every day. I am continually in awe and humbled by the actions, motivations and achievements of those who I get to interact with in life, and have no great desire to appraise myself on those who have a shiny life beyond my own.

It has been interesting to watch society’s view of celebrity change over the last 6 weeks or so. There seems to be a feeling of resentment towards the privilege that some can buy themselves. There seems to be a feeling of unfairness as one person’s wealth is seen as greed rather than as status, as the world falls apart around our feet. And on the other hand, some of the normal everyday people who are just doing what they have always done, are the ones who are seen as inspirational, encouraging and humbling.

I wonder if our aspirations will change as a society, even in a small way after this, or if we will just jump back when it is all over. I think many of us have looked to community as the way forward and for us, locally, our community has really come out on top. There have been so many surprises in terms of finding things which have always been there, right at eye level, when in some of the other areas, things we thought were solid have turned out to be built on air. I think for many of us, the things we value have changed and those distant figures and lives who we felt we knew but didn’t, have been replaced by people and things much closer to home.

So in terms of celebrity, I think that those who many of us are celebrating currently are not the people whose lives are beyond our fingertips, but those who walk among us. I think that this horrendous situation has afforded the time and the space for many of us to take stock of what is important and of what really matters in this world. When I look around me, I can see awe inspiring examples of people who have an approach which is really worth celebrating and emulating.

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  1. Great post Missy – I totally agree regrading your ending – I have always thought it is good to look closer to home when looking for someone to admire or celebrate. Now many of us are indeed doing that.

  2. I also never understood celebrity adulation myself. I get the psychological mechanisms behind it but I never really cared about celebrities myself. Concentrating on the people around me seems much more worthwhile. Does not mean I do not like certain musicians and actors but then it is more about their craft and talent. Also my personal opinion is that the difference between a celebrity and a “normal” person is not talent, hard work or all the other stuff…it’s like 90% luck.

  3. Agreed, I am interested in creators. I do collect some autographs, for sports mostly cards and 95% my college teams, don’t care so much about pro. I also have some entertainment autos and props of stuff I like, almost in a museum of sorts, a wish to preserve artifacts, though presently they’re just pop culture, but all ancient relics started out so. The ones I value most are scientists and thinkers. Of course their works are the value to humanity, but the relics are a token and reminder of that value.

    • That’s very true. I am thinking perhaps I have discounted it too fast. Although I didn’t mean that the people or their achievements didn’t have any value. It is interesting that you have collected autographs etc. I love that we are all so different and that things have different meanings to us. ?

  4. I do like some celebrities—but usually I just respect their talents. However at times, a celebrity is shown to be a really good person. Those I can look up to. But I also look up to the people around me who are good!

  5. I am not that focused much on celebrity either. During my life I have known a few people who through a combination of talent, hardwork and pure luck, have been very successful and reached some kind of celebrity status. As I knew them before, I realise that every celebrity is just like every one of us inside. In my opinion they do change. Some of these people, I have always respected and some of them far from it. It make me think how we/society turn them into role models, we expect them to me a model of morality or a source of wisdom purely as a result of their celevrity status which we hve place upon them. I say now, I don’t have asperations of becoming a celebrity, but I would what we all would choose, given the opportunity?

    • It is interesting that you have known people who have risen to this status and seen a change. I do think that the pressure on them is great. It is not something I would welcome – being in the spotlight like that ?

  6. It’s a brief dalliance for people I think. People are reassured to find out how human they are through the gossip columns, when their lives are shown to be less than perfect. Or to see how great they looked on the red carpet or whatever. It’s mostly pathetically shallow really!

    It’s an interesting subject connected to people’s fantasy life, I think I’d like to have a bash at a Kardashian some day but I’m a bit too busy & waylaid by my own schedule just now!

    • Hehe that’s funny. A bash at kardashian. I think I would be bad at it. And I know what you mean about the need for escape. I think that is true ?

  7. I think many people have shared your views about what life will be like after Covid-19, not just about ‘celebrities’ but about everything. Whilst there is a lot of hope and talk about the opportunity for a reset on our priorities, the cynic in me fears that the multitude will want to get back to life ‘as normal’ (aka pre-Covid) ASAP. And I’m pretty sure the capitalist system will be working hard to ensure it does (no doubt while pretending they are woke to the new caring society)

    • Yes I do know what you mean. I also feel cynical about how long it will last and thing people being less selfish will be replaced especially with the way things are going to be on an economic level. ?

  8. I would like people to appreciate and respect each other, not to hurt each other, value each other. And so that it always has been so that situations like quarantine and other things are not needed

  9. I really enjoyed this post, and you have said some things so much better than I could have, such as “I have found it easier to relate to people who share aspects of my life, than to those who have a life which is far removed” and “Their lives seem beyond mine and I find myself drawn to those who are closer, more attainable, more relatable.”
    Your last paragraph also struck a chord.

    Rebel xox

  10. I feel exactly the same way as you about celebrities and it has felt like not many people share that view. Almost everyone appears to be starstruck in regards to a celebrity but I’ve never had that. I can appreciate someone’s work a lot, and be a big fan of that but it doesn’t make me want to meet them perse and if we did, I guess it’d just be like an encounter with any person, except I’d feel the pressure to act like others when they meet celebrities, haha.

    I think you’re right in how current times have changed something and I wonder if this will last and the trend will continue. I think it would be nice to appreciate everyone a little bit more and live more in the present – though at the same time, I understand why people like to have that escape and dream of a dream life and world.

    • It is always really nice to find someone who shares your views (especially when you have spent years feeling odd) and your comments always add something to my thinking. Thank you ?

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