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Wax play – burning for it?

Ok I am going to start by saying that while I like wax play, I am not totally into it. I surprised myself by this as I have always loved candles – the look, the feel, the thought. I assumed that because I had played with fire as a child, and had also messed around with candle wax, pouring it onto the back of my hand etc, that it would be the play for us. And while I do like wax play, I don’t seem to love it enough for it to be a big part of our play menu.

We have used massage candles the most of any sort of wax play. I think this is because they are easy, and perhaps that is what puts us off. It can be messy and most of our play is at night so it is trickier if it is something which requires a lot of set up or a lot of clear up afterwards. With the massage candles you get the heat and the warmth, as well as a nice massage.

You also smell good (as long as you buy the right one) and it acts as a good warm up and connector for us. It is very relaxing and I would say that if you are unsure about playing with wax, then the massage candles are a good way to start. One of the reasons is the lack of mess but the other is that they tend to burn at a lower temperature and so are a good way to see how you feel about the warmth and heat of the wax on your body.

The candles traditionally used for wax play tend to burn hotter, and so you would want to start by holding your candle a bit further away from your body that you might think. When you see how this feels, especially on the more sensitive areas, then the closer you hold the candle to your body, the warmer it will be. There are special candles for wax play which you can buy in most BDSM places.

Using the traditional dinner candles is not recommended as these are even hotter and can often be too much for your skin. Candles which contain more paraffin tend to be hotter and the chemicals which add colour and scent can also make this the case. I would always recommend buying candles specifically for the purpose, for this reason. The still come in lots of colours and you can even get glow in the dark ones.

One of the nice things about wax play is that you can create some amazing patterns and shapes. The colours can look spectacular and, if you are into photography, you can take some amazing pictures which feature your wax play. This is something that we fully intended to do, and I had asked HL if we could do some wax play as part of preparation for this post, so we should have had an image to go with it.

In reality things got in the way and no wax play took place this week. Instead I have asked my friends PS and gem if I could use one of their images, so they are the owners of the gorgeous picture used as the featured image.

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  1. The clean up is the most off putting bit. After play you want to chill and the idea of wiping up all the wax is …. well a bit of a pain!

    Take care

    Sweetgirl x

  2. Some great images of Gem with wax – they have really nailed that – I want to do wax play more – the anticipation and momentary pain appeals but i do use church candles which are not recommended i know – hey ho xx

    • You must have a good pain threshold. It’s only because they burn hotter that they are not recommended but if you can take it then there is no reason why not ?

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