In need of a spank

In need of a spank

“Why?” she giggled, nervously.

“Because I want to,” he replied. “And because I have been watching you all night and my fingers are literally tingling to touch you. Also, I think that you need it,” he said, as if it were the most normal thing in the world to have told her that he intended to put her over his knee and spank her.

“But that is so naughty.” Her eyes stretched wide in pseudo-shock. “And I think we both know that I am not that sort of girl,” she added, laughing more loudly this time.

With that, she took off, jogging gently through the garden, pushing the honeysuckle out of the way as she ran. Her bobbed curls bounced as the strung lights of the garden caught the highlights in her hair, turning it a burnished orange colour.

He wondered if he had ever seen anything quite so beautiful as she was right then.

God, he wanted her.

“Come on then, old sport,” she called back, fun in her voice. “If you can catch me, then you can have me!” she shouted to him, picking up speed.

The laughter and the jazz leaked from the house up above them, squeals and frivolity of a party in full swing, adding to the general sense of hedonism and abandonment. The air was warm and the night was still, just a gentle breeze from off the water, caressing them from time to time. The full moon looked down and shone as if it had been ordered especially for the occasion, adding to the feeling that this was the only place in the world that really mattered.

She had made her way into the summerhouse and stood, pressed carefully up against the wall, trying hard to control her breathing, following the short burst of exertion in deciding to give chase. The familiar sense of excitement at hiding and waiting to be found that she had experienced since a child, settled over her as her heart pounded in her chest and she felt herself becoming aroused.

The door creaked as he entered, and he paused as his eyes adjusted to the darkness inside the cabin. Lit only by the fairy lights around the windows, she was mostly hidden from him, but with another giggle, she shifted from the shadows, so that the light caught the iridescence of her dress. Lifting the material slightly at one side, she cheekily exposed the top of her stocking to him.

“I suppose, if you really want me as much as you say you do, I am powerless to stop you,” she said, her head tilting teasingly and her eyes widening in challenge as she spoke. And with that, she turned around, bent forward, and flipped the pleats of her dress up so that he could see her round bottom, exposed right there before him.

In that moment he had never wanted her more, nor ever known a girl so in need of a spank as she was right then.

#410 – The Twenties

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  1. ‘The full moon looked down and shone as if it had been ordered especially for the occasion, adding to the feeling that this was the only place in the world that really mattered.’ Loved the story, so full of your own desire for abandonment, and of course, one of my favourite dresses!

    • Oh how cool. Did I read that you were also the spanker as well as the spankee these days or am I confusing that? I have often wondered about how that would feel x

  2. When I was about 12 I found a porn mag on a bench at the side of the school playground, I got stuck into reading a story about spanking & it made me so “hot under the collar” I had no real idea what I was getting into! Lol I binned it initially, but next break I retrieved it & read some more! It was a story about a guy tied to a chair with his fat arse bared! LMAO! My first experience of erotica!

    • That’s funny. I love the innocence of it though. These days it’s all so accessible but the porn mags were always much harder to come by ?

      • Initially I was thinking wtf? But his storytelling was good & before I knew it I was seriously turned on!

        Lucky none of my friends came over asking me to join in some playground game or whatever, I’d have had to say, “whew, just gimmie a minute mate!”

        I never had the nerve to buy a porno mag in all my life – I always ended up sourcing them in ditches at lay-bys! I often wondered who wrote some of the stories. I never read one so hot as that first one tho, it totally surprised me! Touched deeply by a filthy story!! ??

  3. It’s boring reading stories that go on and on about the writers own genius & prowess that’s for sure. I’m sure your writing is better than that story I read, you captured something charming here, that’s important too!

    The guy tied to the chair took me by surprise, I’d never imagined pleasure from pain till I read that! I don’t remember why I thought he had a fat arse – probably when I was 12 I just imagined all adults arses were big fat & hairy! Lol

  4. Oh, I didn’t mean to imply the guys story was bad, not brill, but not bad, I just meant to say I soon came to prefer the link based stories cos the straight ones were often patriarchal &/or self congratulary – which can grind a bit, in a bad way ?

    • Incredibly dragging out my response now, but bored at home! I’m thinking the stories in those old mags, the middle class produce more intellectual sex stories, but then that one was quite a working class one, so its not always the case – things have changed a lot in 4 decades, so its probably not any longer true anyhow – yada yada!!

      • It has been an interesting thread so please don’t apologise. I think you who I’d wrote a post and collect your thoughts on it. Pornography is an interesting topic and what we like is so individual. I think for many it can be a voyage of discovery into certain kinks too. Something pricks at our mind and we don’t understand what has turned us on about it always. ?

        • Thanks Missy, I agree it’s very interesting, I remember finding a book in the local library about how porn causes depression & madness & every I’ll known! It seemed to be the only academic research available to the reader, almost as if someone donated that book to encourage chastity & everyone on their knees!

          There’s a lot to be said for the innocent spiritual approach im sure it’s ideal, or idyllic, but really! Is it even possible?

          I wonder sometimes if all is porn? And perfection is really the ultimate porn experience ever! Lol seriously tho, the guy described his hard on, the way his balls felt & his arse, & my imagination followed him all the way, I was erotisized to the point of blissful physical response & reaction, what can be so wrong or unnatural as that?

          Viva porn & Viva stories, that’s what I say! ???

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