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Burlesque Baby – Fun Theme Photo Meme

I wanted to post this picture as part of a new meme which is being hosted by my good friend Sweetgirl. I know that she has worked really hard on this project and has been absolutely thrilled with the participation so far. So the idea behind the Fun Theme Photo Meme is to have fun with photography and post images as and when you fancy. There is a monthly theme – for April it is pin up – and you can add more than once if you have more than one image that fits. The project is about body positivity and feeling good about yourself.

I already feel positive about this project. I have made no secret of the issues I have around body image and I have gained a lot from posting images as it has really helped me to challenge some of the negative voices that echo in my own head. It has also been something nice that HL and I can do together, a sexy little project, although the opportunities can be hard to fit in, so something that I can do as and when will suit me really well.

I am no photographer and my blog has always been about writing so it will be a good fit for me to be able to add an image to a post, rather than having a post about an image, which fits in with the rules of the Fun Theme Photo Meme. I also have to be careful about the types of images I post as they cannot be too sexual or revealing so I think themes such as the pin up one will work really well for me.

If you would like to take part then either click the links on this page, or on the badge at the bottom of the post. All you have to do is write your post, as usual, with the image you want to include, add one of the cute badges to the bottom of your page, and head to the Fun Theme Photo Meme site to add your post URL to the inlinkz party.

I hope that you like my attempt at ‘pin up’.

April – ‘Pin Up’

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  1. Like it?? I LOVE IT!!! ❤❤❤

    I am so thrilled to have your support and participation in the meme. I also want to say thank you for your kind words too.

    I think there can be too much focus on risque images when in truth you don’t need to be nude to be sexy ?

    I look forward to seeing your links as I enjoy reading all your posts.

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