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Being a good sport

I like to think that I am a good sport, but that does not mean that I am good at sport. Oh no. Sport really is not my thing. I am lucky that there is nothing physically wrong with me which prevents me being able to take part so it isn’t that I lack the co-ordination but there is definitely something remiss. Or maybe it is something that I have missed. Like the desire to compete? I know that I don’t have a competitive nature so is that what is keeping my super sporty side in the kit bag?

I wonder if part of it came from my teenage years. During the time I was at secondary school there was a lot of industrial action. Our area was targeted and so not only were we stuck on a two day week for quite a long period, the whole time I was at school they were working to rule so extra curricular activities were something that just didn’t happen. It wasn’t until I got to university that I realised how different the experiences of others were. They all had things that they did and for many, those were sporting activities.

Now if it were really the case that the lack of provision precluded the sporty gene from growth then I am not sure how to explain those who still participated despite the fact that it was difficult. I suppose some of that is down to parents who encourage their own interests in their offspring and this was something that didn’t happen for me either. While my parents were always quite fit and healthy, they were no more sporty people than me or my children have turned out to be.

I think that a lack of competitive nature definitely makes things harder where sport is concerned. I basically don’t care if I win or not. If I do, there feels little reward, and if I don’t my lack of concern takes from the sense of triumph of those who have beaten me. So one way or another, being part of a competitive team, doesn’t really push the button for me or my teammates that it would need to do really, in order for there to be that adrenaline high.

My lack of sporting prowess has not meant that I have allowed myself to slowly become less and less fit by not taking part in competitive sport. I have thrown myself into fitness regimes at various times in my life, sometimes to the point where it could almost be seen as an addiction. I am not sure if it is possible really to become addicted to exercise but I have certainly embraced it before in a highly obsessive sort of a way.

Much of this relates to my obsessive eating habits and my need for control, so it comes to make sense that things have calmed on this front since I have felt happier and more accepting and celebratory about my life and the way that I live it. I still exercise and try to make sure I walk 10 000 steps a day. I know that I need to do more and can feel my flexibility reducing so have wondered about some sort of Yoga or Pilates.

I think that I am probably too old now to come upon my sport and find the thing that really floats my boat (I have an image of rowing in my head now). I have tried a variety over the years from hockey, to volleyball to downhill skiing. I don’t really watch it on TV either although during university when I dated some rugby players (I liked the thighs) I did go and watch a few games and wondered if my passion was for the sport rather than just for the players. Alas no.

Which brings me onto my main form of exercise: sex. Depending on how you approach this, sexual activity can make for pretty vigorous work. And although not a sport as such, the contact with the other person, the teamwork, and the effort expended mean that I am happy to recognise its worth, even if I do not broadcast the fact. In a relationship such as ours there are also rules to learn and stick to, penalties to pay for a wrong move, and definite skills being practiced and demonstrated.

In all seriousness I realise that my contribution doesn’t amount to much really in the wonderful world of sport, but like I said at the start, I am a good sport rather than being good at sport and as such, it is important to me to put together a post to support May with her Food For Thought prompt. So perhaps I do have a team after all, and although I am not competing with anyone here, I like the sense of engagement and the reward that I get from taking part.

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  1. I think you are a good sport and what a great angle to put on the prompt. My daughter tells me the addictive exercise spurts are to do with eating obsessions. She is trying to steer clear now just doing a fun dance class once a week – which is prob shut cause of the virus!
    Great post as usual

    • Yes I think that’s the case for many re the exercise. Hopefully the dance class will continue but so much isn’t ?

  2. You are indeed a good sport, and like you I haven’t really found my niche, although pilates comes close – let me recommend you try it, for really increasing your flexibilty and building your core.

    • I have tried it before but didn’t feel I got anywhere. I think it may have been because I was still doing more vigorous exercise and it felt like I wasn’t doing much, when actually it was just different. Could be time to try again ?

      • You have to do it slowly, really thinking about your posture and your breathing. Not all instructors convey it well. I adore it – I like the mindfulness of it. Having a desk job I enjoy the way it makes me feel untangled and straightened out.

    • Yes. I think being the submissive partner may challenge some of that theory but o try not to think of that ?

  3. Sport has always been such a huge part of my life. But I do like the idea of sex as an Olympic sport. I saw some commercials years ago for condoms. They featured athletes doing gymnastics and other sports. Quite inventive, they never aired over here. They were just too risqué for audiences here.

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