Lines and shapes

Lines and Shapes

Lines and shapes - missy in bra

I like lines and shapes. Between them they seem to provide order and pattern and promise. They tell me that I can stick between them, or push past them. I can remain with what I know, or venture further, farther into things previously unknown. Sometimes we realise that conforming to the pattern and going with the shapes laid out is not where we are destined to be. Sometimes we are destined to cross those lines and find out what lies beyond them.

Today I want to move past the lines and explore the new shapes. I want to know what lies beyond and behind and underneath. I feel the sun on my skin, and the warmth gives me the fire and the courage and the strength that I need to be that other part of me. I am ready to break free from the lines that constrain me to the current pattern. I am ready to be born anew, in whatever shape and pattern that life has planned.

Sinful Sunday
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    • Thank you. I really liked it in the picture on the model which was why I bought it. I am glad you think it looks good ?

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