Valentine’s Date Night

Valentine's Date Night - image from invitation

We never really do anything for Valentine’s Day.  One reason is that it is so close to my Birthday and we have usually celebrated that in some way, and the other is that I am not really a big fan of commercialised days and ways to mark how I feel. I think being thoughtful and showing your partner that you care and think about them is something that is more effective when done regularly in the small ways, rather than through the more showy grand gesture. I wrote about this earlier in the week so I suppose that it seems odd, then, to have chosen to mark the occasion this time.

As I said in my post last week, I had surgery the day before my Birthday, and so it didn’t go with as much of a bang as we had hoped. That being said, we did have a nice time with family and although I was a bit wiped out, it ended up being lovely and just what the Doctor ordered. HL has taken really good care of me and I have felt his arms around me, even when he wasn’t here. I am pretty resilient and quite independent, but it still always feels nice to be looked after, especially when everything feels a bit off.  I know that he likes it when I am a little needy and he steps up whenever there are opportunities to take care of me, so I wanted to say thank you to him in some way for that.

Often when the need for nurture and protection is there, it comes at a time when there is less opportunity for sex. This has been the case this past week, and I didn’t even get my birthday spankings! We have found ways to create the intimacy in more gentle ways and made sure that we were able to connect on a physical level, but it has not been as easy as usual. I have had to sleep in a bra, we couldn’t fall asleep with our usual spoon, and then to top it all I got my period and was cramping. Suffice to say, things have now moved on and I am feeling much better than I did.  So that brings me to my offer and my invitation.

As a submissive,  I obviously don’t want to lead but HL does like me to take the initiative sometimes. I try to do things in a more gentle way, hence an invitation and an offer. I planned some drinks and a meal that I thought he would like, and decided to leave the kinky fun as a play thing for his amusement, which meant that he could plan what to do. Although it would be nice to be undressed for the occasion, with teens in the house this is usually not possible, so I took the picture above on my iPhone to make into an invite, so that he had an element of sexy in his mind even if not at the dinner table.

Sinful Sunday
Kiss the lips to see who else is taking part in Sinful Sunday this week/>

Ironically, for someone who doesn’t really do much to mark the passing of Valentine’s day, I have still managed to write a lot about love this week. You might want to check out the following:

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  1. That is a sweet thing to do. I agree that we should do things year round to show our love and appreciation, but days like this just put me in a more heightened mood, I guess. I like to celebrate them if only by offering a verbal and physical reminder that I would choose him again…it is sort of like our anniversary…a day to just celebrate our love and remind each other of all the important things. We do it on other nameless days, too. This is a beautiful photo. What did you make him for dinner? And did you get the sex you were hoping for?

  2. I’m blown away by this image, it’s just bloody stunning.
    I’m not a huge fan of overt romantic gestures, I just don’t trust them, and like you, prefer, and put much more stock by, smaller gestures.


  3. I’m in agreement with you, we don’t really do anything for Valentine’s Day, he often cooks me steak which I don’t refuse but we show each other affection all the time rather than saving it up for one day.

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