Blindfold in place, he starts. She looks so vulnerable and he feels himself pricking with anticipation. She wrinkles her nose a little as if to prove to herself that she can and he continues to watch her, making her wait. He can see her breathing start to change as her mind processes the passing time. She tenses parts of her body, filling up the space that his waiting takes. 

He moves around to reach for the silk scarf and so very gently wafts it over her. She tightens her core in response and he notices her nipples harden.  He pauses for a moment and does it again, watching for the goosebumps to prick up all over her body. She purses her lips slightly and holds them together, waiting.  He starts to move it in waves then, from her right shoulder down, over her breast and across her stomach to trail over her bare mound and down. 

She holds her breath and he can see her rise slighly as it to push herself into something that is no sooner there than gone. A feeling? A memory? A desire? He hardens as he thinks about it and keeps moving the scarf in waves as he enjoys her response. Although he wants to touch her, he refrains, making himself wait, joining with her in the building of the anticipation and allowing the moment to swell and grow. 

In the end he has waited long enough and he reaches across her body and pinches first one, and then the other nipple, enjoying the little gasp each time. He allows his fingers to trace her shape then, using the tips of his nails to tease the soft skin on her thighs, parted and drawn out by the cuffs at her ankles. She looks so sexy but so vulnerable. She does things to him that he will never let her know and although she is at his mercy, he wonders if really he is at hers.

He uses the flogger drifting the leather falls in swirls over her. Using a bigger arc, he circles over her, pausing now and then to flick at her nipples and then trail down teasingly to rest between her legs. He can see her clit swelling already and wonders how it feels. She clenches her muscles almost indiscernibly and then releases them again. He suddenly moves his head closer to her, breathing in her musky smell and licks her clit without warning.

She moans gently and pushes up, searching for more. He turns the music on so that her headphones pump out the music and she cannot hear or predict his movements any more. He feels strong now, more focussed and something thrills through his body causing an aching swell in his balls as he begins to lose himself to what he is doing. He works faster, more confidently, teasing and tormenting her body as he pinches and pulls and flicks and sucks and draws her into him.

He can feel something familiar growing inside him: the need to hurt her, to get lost in her, to own and control her and, although he is measured in what he does, he allows himself to push further, embracing the way it makes him feel. He watches closely and listens to her responses, her sighs and moans growing louder in the silent room as she lets go, giving into what he is doing. Her skin changes as the pleasure washes over her and he sees it cross her in waves and he takes her higher and higher.

She is moving her head from side to side now, bucking and convulsing, rising up to search for more and grinding into anything that she meets. He watches her hips grind and move slowly as if dancing in the silence just for him. He wants her so much then but he doesn’t want this moment to end. He feels alive and almost delirious with the way that she needs what he is doing to her. He makes them both wait, but he knows that it won’t be for much longer.

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  1. I love the way you describe both partners feelings and reactions in this sensory delight. Although I am not a huge fan of blindfolds this does sound rather intising.

    • Thank you. I am glad that it worked. I didn’t check with him before I posted it but he read it after and felt it was accurate. A bit of an experiment really ?

  2. This describes a true connection between two people so well. That intense level of observation, awareness, and analysis is at the core. Gauging reactions and using them to guide further play is so central in a D/s relationship, or really any relationship, actually.

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