Fifty Birthday Balloons

Fifty has always sounded quite old to me so the fact that it is actually here feels a little odd.  I have thought for a while about the fact that I wanted to celebrate it though, because really, I think that it conjured up a different image in my head when I thought of the age than the reality actually shows.  My body bears the signs of wear and tear for sure, but I feel more confident about it now than I did when I was younger and I wanted to mark the occasion in a way which reflected this more positive attitude towards my body and towards the signs of ageing.

Ageing is a natural process and I don’t like the fact that often we are meant to shy away from it and hide the way that we are. I don’t like the pressure on people to change their bodies to fit an image which portrays them as being younger than they are. I am pleased that in this country there are still relatively few people in the mainstream resorting to surgery to make their bodies appear more youthful, and I am happy that I am part of a community which celebrates body shape in a way which looks for the beauty rather than for the flaws.

My plan was nearly thwarted by the fact that I just had surgery and I almost gave up on the idea that I could try to create an image that said what I wanted it to. However, thanks to the support of HL and some of my online friends, I felt encouraged to give it a go and try to say what I wanted to say through this image. The world is made up of so many shapes and sizes, but young and old alike, it is important to respect our bodies, enjoy them, and celebrate being who we are. So this is me, au naturel, feeling fabulous at fifty.

Sinful Sunday
Kiss the lips to see who else is sinning this week
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    • Ah that makes my day Missy. I have had a nice time thanks and am hoping the the celebrations will continue for a bit ?

  1. Beautiful photo missy, I love the shoes and peeks of your body behind the balloons. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and glad you went ahead with the photo.

  2. Happy Birthday Missy!! Yes, when I was a kid, I thought 50 was old. But as it is just around the corner for me, I feel young and alive. And better equipped to enjoy life to the fullest. So, here’s to 50! Enjoy!!

  3. I loved this as soon as I saw it on twitter yesterday. I’m so glad you decided to post this, it is just beautiful and a wonderful way to capture the event. Being 50 isn’t so bad at all. Happy Birthday xxx

  4. try 65 thats right and still not too old to be smacked on the arse or switch any time my princess says yes by putting her derriere at riskSo enjoy each and every sweet swat as if it was the first.

  5. Lady, if I look half as good as you in 4 years I’ll run naked round skipton market wearing nowt but a tea cosy ????

    You’re a beautiful woman inside and stunning outside and it is my privilege to know you.

    May you have many more birthdays to come.

    Sweetgirl xx

    • Omg brilliant image in my mind and I am so going to be in Skipton market on that day. Thanks for making me smile and for your support and friendship ?

  6. Happy Birthday my beautiful friend. I think you look absolutely amazing for 50 but I understand your feelings. I didn’t mind the turn to 40 but I am not feeling the same about the turn to 50


    • Thank you lovely. But you are such a young thing you have no need to worry for a while. And when it comes you will look and feel as fabulous as you do now. For me it’s more the thought of time slipping away as there is so much fun I want to have ?

    • It was fairly chilled on the day but we plan to do some other things to celebrate later on in the year so it is really nice to have things to look forward too. I hope you are well. I have missed you ?

  7. And you look absolutely fabulous at fifty too. This is a gorgeous image! And yes, it’s so important to respect and celebrate our bodies, whatever their shape or size.

    Rebel xox

  8. I found your blog over a month ago and have really appreciated your perspective and the quality of your writing. Thank you for sharing your experiences and happy birthday.

  9. Happy birthday lovely lady – you know you look great for 40, let alone 50! Thank you for your honest images, subtle and classy is your trademark and you’ve nailed it again.
    Take care of yourself following your surgery – lots of rest, and build back up to exercise gently – cant wait to see you and hear you talk in March xx

    • Thank you so much Posy. You are always so kind and supportive and I can’t wait to see you again too. The usual breakfast date? xxx

  10. Knowing what this took to take I really applaud your determination and resilience in creating such a beautiful and celebratory image despite your healing, and because of your healing. I hope you’re recovery is going well as the week goes on, thinking of you x

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