For me complete submission is not about obeying rules without question, or about providing a service, or about having someone support me to push at boundaries that I have identified as being movable. It is about going beyond that, to a place where none of that matters anymore; it is about going past myself in a conscious sense, to a place where I am simply his.


Sinful Sunday

 Kiss the lips to see who else is taking part in the Sinful Sunday prompt of One Word.


Two posts about where you can find out more about what submission means to me and how it works are Submission and how it works for me and Lifestyle Submissive


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  1. Oh my. Beautiful, wholesome words and your picture is so stunning it made my heart skip a beat. The submission and serenity in your pose, everything about the composition, all so perfect. Big heart eyes.

    • Thank you very much Rose. I enjoy the moments when I am waiting like that and it really helps to focus my mind ?

  2. Missy, this is beautiful. I keep on scrolling back up, and every time I notice something different… the curve of your hips, the way your fingers are interlocked, your beautiful hair, the simple yet powerful position, and your words have more meaning for me now, than it would have had a couple of days ago. Love this image!

    Rebel xox

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