Bathtime Fun

Bathtime Fun


HisLordship and I have managed to sneak away for a night to a nice hotel, with a nice room, and this rather cool bath.  It feels like ages since we had some fun like this together and although the bath and the room are cool, I am hoping that everything else will be sizzlingly hot. Coming away tonight was part of deciding to prioritise us a bit more often and to treat ourselves now and then. I think we lost some of our fun this past while and it will be good to feel a bit more carefree.

I would hate to say that we’d been stuck in a rut and it would seem a bit misleading to do so when some of the things that we enjoy doing are so far from the norm, but I think that in some ways, for us, that is just what has happened.  Perhaps a kinky D/s rut is where we have been. We are still doing things which we find exciting and turn us on, and those things pushed our boundaries once upon a time, but we have sort of fallen into a more relaxed and comfortable us. We both want to feel something more again and so that is what we are hoping to rekindle.

So, as I sit her writing this in a hotel bathrobe, I am sipping a slightly strange cocktail and I can see various toys, including the howler, sitting on the table across the room. HL is naked, but reading for now. I don’t suppose it will be long though until he unleashes his other side. I have noticed The Howler and, in light of what he disclosed the other week in terms of admitting his sadistic tendencies, I think I am in for a bit of a ride!

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  1. Very jel of your night away! That bath is rather impressive as are those socks and this image is absolutely perfect. You should pitch it to the hotel to use – it is fantastic advertising imo 😉 x

  2. I have those socks! And this image definitely goes into the proof sock are sexy folder in my opinion.

    Also that hotel bathroom looks AMAZING

    And also I totally get the being a rut thing. It was one of the reasons I always made sure we went out to events because it made us do things but I think your hotel room idea is the same. I hope it helps to inspire you both


    • I think you are right about events and because we don’t do them it is easy to let things slide. The room was lovely. We should go there if you come to Edinburgh! And yay for the socks are sexy folder. We can get a good image if you bring yours too – double trouble! xx

  3. Happy for you guys. We all know how hard it is to get priority time for ourselves. Hope it was great. And what a fantastic pic. I agree with several others…definitely should be pitched to the hotel!!

  4. Sexy socks! I love red tartan so extra sexy!

    As for making time for yourselves, we’re trying to do this too and even without children it’s not as easy as it sounds.

  5. Spot on again. I’m becoming addicted to your musings. (Oh, and love the pictures! Am I allowed to say that?)
    We too have fallen into dull routine. In our case of functional quickies with no true passion. Most unsatisfying. Although I thing things are taking a turn for the better. God, I hope so!
    I think sex can be like a smile. If you are happy you smile. If you are unhappy though, if you force yourself to smile, that can make you feel happy again. Likewise with sex. When you start out, all excited and horny with a new lover, the sex arises from that passion. But, if that passion and intimacy fades over time with the mundanities off everyday life, then “forcing” yourselves to have sex – quality sex – can re-ignite that intimacy and passion for each other. Your night in a hotel is of that nature.

    • Thank you. Your comment is very kind. I think for us the D/s has improved intimacy and allowed us to retain that excitement. It is still hard as life gets in the way, but we tend to have great sex when it comes ?

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