Colour Match

Colour Match

He opened the car door and led her into the shop. She couldn’t believe he was actually going to do this. Or more importantly, that he was going to make her do it. It was beyond embarrassing, but something deep inside her thrilled her and made her want to go ahead despite herself. Would he actually ask the sales assistant to check the colour? She had asked in the car and, although he was direct, he gave no more away than to answer the questions which she asked. So when she had asked how they would do the colour match, he had simply said that they would look and use the probe and palette.

He seemed to know where he was going, and she wondered if he had done this before. His confidence was one of the things which attracted her of course. He seemed unembarrassed at explaining exactly what he wanted, no matter how strange or wrong it might seem to others. She wondered also what the sales assistant knew, as she smiled at them, looked directly at him and added a good afternoon Sir. He told her that they were there for an intimate colour match.

“Of course, Sir. Which part is to be matched?”

“Pussy to lips,” he replied in a matter of fact way.

Her face burned and her eyes were immediately cast down, scared to meet the look on the girl’s face.

“Certainly Sir. Follow me,” she heard the girl say.

She wondered if her feet would have moved to follow if he had not guided her, arm placed firmly on the small of her back.  She felt hot and cold at the same time, aroused but anxious so that the feelings seemed to wash through and around her, pricking at her skin, fluttering over her body and then settling somewhere deep inside her to simmer away. She tried not to think but the questions kept coming. It all felt a little unreal, and yet here she was, making her way into a small cubicle at the back of the shop.

Inside it looked much like one of the treatment rooms you would find at a nail bar or beauty salon. There was a chair-bed sort of thing at one side and then a trolley with various pots, jars and boxes, organised into sections. She wondered again which other parts were matched. Was this a typical thing? Certainly she had never heard of it before but they were clearly set up for it. She had not heard of a club with rules such as the one that he had told her they were going to either. When he had said that her lips were to match the colour of those of her pussy, she had thought he was joking.

He told her to remove her skirt and the girl motioned for her to sit, which she was glad to do. Her legs felt wobbly and like they may give in on her at any time. She sank into the soft padding of the seat and lay back, adjusting to the angle the chair was positioned at. Something seemed to have changed inside her and she felt like she wanted to do the right thing. She was no longer thinking and hoping she had been mistaken, but felt a sort of acceptance rest over her. She was aroused, she knew that, and wasn’t sure if evidence of that would be noted or not. She expected so and, while the thought was humiliating, it felt as if it would also be accepted.

She was instructed to open her legs, which she did, trying to pretend to herself that she wasn’t really there as the girl pulled the lamp to shine it on her.

“This colour Sir?” the girl asked, using a probe to part her pussy lips and then putting something between them to keep them held open.

“It is close, he replied casually. “You can see that she is already aroused, but it will change a little I think.”

God this was so humiliating, but her ache continued to grow and she knew that she was swelling and responding to what was being said. She felt the girl stroke her clit with her index finger and heard herself make a little whimper. She lay there as the girl continued touching her and chatted to him casually as if she wasn’t even there. It seemed they were going to a place called Tenebris which the girl was clearly familiar with, although she had never heard of it herself. She supposed that there was much she didn’t know about in this strange sexual underworld that she somehow now found herself part of.

She heard him tell the girl that was enough and, although she hadn’t realised that she had closed them, she opened her eyes. The girl reached for a colour palette then and a long cardboard brush which she proceeded to apply a colour to, massaging it into her now swollen area.

“Oh perfect!” she heard him say when it was done. “Thank you so much.”

“Would you like to wear it now?” the girl asked, suddenly turning to her and acknowledging her presence.

Before she could answer, he had replied for her that she would.  Lipstick applied and feeling in a daze, she took the hand he offered to her and stood up. He handed her the skirt and she wriggled back into it, feeling altered completely by the experience. As they left the room she caught site of her face in the mirror, her coloured lips seeming to tell the whole world what she really was, and flushed red once again. He paid the girl, thanking her once more, and they made their way back through the shop. She was wet, really wet, and felt as if anyone who looked at her knew what had just taken place.

Outside the shop he turned her to look at him and kissed her hard.

“Fuck, you are sexy,” he said. “I realise that was hard for you, but it was important to me that you did it. You will drive me to distraction with your lips that colour you know, and believe me, this is just the beginning of the fun we are going to have today.”


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Credit for the inspiration for this post should be shared with my fellow chatters at The SafeworD/s Club. It was somehow floated as part of our discussion last night on  kinks and fetishes that you are fascinated by, but hold back from.

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  1. because of this I’ll never to able to just casually look at lips or … again.

    Thank you for that (ever so much).

        • Well feel free to join us any time. We are there Tuesdays and Sundays and there is a calendar that will tell you the topic of you ever want to stop by ?

    • Thanks Marie. I am really glad you liked it. I always think the stuff I find hot is a bit out there so it’s good to know I am not alone ?

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