naughty or nice

Naughty and Nice

Naughty and Nice is part 2 to This post where Isabelle finds herself over the knee of her husband, receiving her first ever spanking.

* * * * * * *

She felt his finger press against her hole then and gasped. Was he really going to do what he had said to her? She hadn’t answered his question even.

“I take your excited little gasp as an indication that you are enjoying the thought of me touching you there. Not just naughty, but dirty too I see.”

Where had he learnt to do this?  And why? He had never behaved in this way before. It was like he had changed completely, although she had to say she liked it. In fact, she could not get enough of it.

She wanted to ask what it was all about, but she felt she couldn’t speak. She felt nervous which seemed crazy when she was so familiar with him, but the way he was now – wow, it was like he was someone new. And she felt different herself: smaller, more vulnerable, sexier even.

He was touching her there now, his index finger pressing on the entrance, when the spanking suddenly started again. It felt like too much, the anticipation and the slice of pain. Her body seemed to be burning and she didn’t want it to end.

“I have a little treat for you next,” he said. “This is what nice and naughty gets. A little something naughty which makes you feel nice at the same time!”

And with that he squirted something cold onto her arsehole and seemed to push it in with his finger. She felt his body shift as he reached to get something from the dresser and then, she felt something else being pressed against her.

“I want to see what my naughty girl looks like with a little plug sticking out of her,” he said. “Just try to relax and let it in.”

And with a swift pop, whatever it was, the plug, was absorbed into her in a way which felt shocking and thrilling at the same time. She clenched her muscles around it and it felt dirty but good. Again she wondered what she must look like, and she felt her face warm with embarrassment.

“So sexy!” he whispered in her ear. “You are so sexy. This is what I have wanted from you for a long time. I want you to let go now and let me show you how nice being naughty can feel. Do you want to do that for me?”

She tried to answer but all that seemed to come out was a small squeak.

“A little more naughty?” he asked, although she didn’t think he expected an answer, as he resumed the spanking at a faster pace as he spoke.

Her skin felt as if it was on fire now, the warmth on the surface penetrating and mixing with the fullness inside her and the ache for more. She felt like she might explode as the feelings seemed to overwhelm her.

His fingers seemed to find her swollen clit then and she wondered how much longer she could last. She seemed to be teetering on the edge of something new and she was confused about which way he would push her next, as he moved between pleasure and pain.

Nothing seemed to matter apart from remaining here in this moment and she never wanted it to end. She wanted to say something, but she seemed unable to articulate anything at all. She heard some strange noises which she realised must have come from her, although she wasn’t aware of making them herself.

“Come for me!” she heard him instruct simply.

It sounded so strange, so unlike the way they usually were, and yet something seemed to click inside her at his command and she felt her orgasm take over. She pushed into his hand and writhed and twitched as she had the strongest orgasm that she had ever experienced. It ripped through her in waves, again and again, until she lay there, across his knee and still she throbbed and shuddered in little bursts.

She didn’t know where things would go from here, but she knew that she wanted more and that she would have to find some way of telling him that.


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