Sexy Sleigh Ride

Number 14 of our advent calendar was ‘Sexy sleigh ride home – driver is missy in underwear.’ What could possible go wrong?  HL was off on a night out in town and the plan was for me to collect him and drive him home in only my underwear. Sounded simple enough, but my daughter said she would come with me, so back to the drawing board. I don’t like to let HL down, and we are already a little behind with out gifts so I didn’t want this to be another that became a rain cheque, so I came up with an alternative which turned out rather well.

He had a good evening and the pick up went well so all was good on that level. He didn’t seem disappointed that the ride hadn’t turned out as planned but I still wanted to do something nice for him. After my bath I slipped into my black stockings and waited, posed suggestively on the bed for him to come into the bedroom. He did look surprised when he came in but made a little noise which indicated his pleasure too.
“May I offer you a ride, Sir?” I asked.
“A ride? Why yes you may. And a very sexy driver you make too,” he replied.

I recognise that this sort of behaviour may not fit with the idea that many have of being submissive. For me it is part of my active submission. HL is not the type of Dom who instructs my every move and we have been careful not to lose ourselves, or our personalities and the things that attracted us to each other, to the need for high protocol all the time. Instead we are pretty flexible and there is the opportunity there for me to instigate things by offering myself. This is something that HL encourages as he likes to see in an overt way that I desire him and want him.

It also goes with the proviso that he can say no if it isn’t something he wants to do, so we still see this as being part of our D/s interchange. In reality, he is a sexual being and is sexually driven, and if I am lying there in something sexy, offering to ride his cock then I am fairly confident that it will be an offer which will be received. In fact, I don’t think I have made an offer yet which has been rejected, so while this approach may not work for others, it does serve well for us. 

He climbs onto the bed and kisses me hard. I reach for his cock and begin to stroke it, noticing that he is already hard. He tells me this is nice and very unexpected. He says that I have caught him off guard but in a good way. I explain that I was disappointed that I couldn’t provide the sexy sleigh ride he had planned and that I wanted to come up with an alternative. He tells me that this is a good one so far, and I take this as my queue to climb astride him and guide his cock slowly into me. He has closed his eyes and his breathing hitches a bit.

I don’t usually go on top, not since we started D/s anyway. It isn’t a position that I like for myself and it can feel strange and as if I am too much in control. I know that this isn’t the case, as he will only tolerate it for so long, but it isn’t something that turns me on. He likes it though. Where I don’t like to see my body and the way it looks, he tells me it is sexy to see my boobs bounce as I move. He tells me that I look hot and that I have a great figure. I feel I look better lying flat on my back. And I like to keep my eyes closed so I don’t see myself. This is me, and I can see me, and am aware of me; I am not keen on that but I do it for him.

And while it doesn’t turn me on or hit my buttons as such, making him happy and watching his reactions does. He knows all of this and so he knows what it means. He knows how I feel but he has me do it anyway and so, again, although it may look like switchy behaviour, for us, it doesn’t really shift the dynamic much at all. I am not saying, of course, that there is anything wrong with switching and in many ways, I really wish doing this felt different. I have also heard lots of subs say that they ‘couldn’t’ do it and that their Doms ‘couldn’t’ let it happen, but again, I think that doing something for his sake and pushing my own limits in doing so, is actually very submissive, so I stand by it. 

So there I am on top and I am riding him. I have become wet quickly and I can hear the squelchy noises which are making me cringe and feel a bit embarrassed.
“Fuck … those noises are sexy,” he says, which surprises me but makes me feel better. It spurs me on too. It makes me feel that I am doing a good job and I can see the effect in the way his face is looking at me. He closes his eyes again and I change my position and pace. It is such hard work, I remember, and I wonder how he manages to keep going so long when he fucks me.

I sit tall and throw my head back a bit and he opens his eyes to take it all in. His fingers are clenching at the sheets and he is moving himself, trying to control the feelings. He flits between going with it and relaxing into what I am doing, and trying to manage the pace himself by pushing up hard, into me. I know that he won’t last much longer and that his natural instincts will take over, but I keep going anyway, and will do so for as long as he wants. I remember then, the silly scenario.
“Would you like to drive the sleigh for a bit, Sir?” I ask.

“On your knees, arse in the air,” he orders, throwing me off and flipping me over. And this is how it usually goes. He likes me to have my chest flat on the bed, rather than up on my elbows, as he says that position is better and he can get deeper, so I do it without being told.
“Good girl,” he says, as he thrusts hard into me. I gasp as it takes my breath away. It feels brutal and consuming and as I wonder if I can take all of him, I take all of him, over and over. I feel him press his thumb on my arsehole and he suddenly pulls out.

“Just a minute,” he says. “Stay right there.” I hear him open into the cupboard above us and I know what is coming. The cold of the lube as it hits me is shocking but tantalising too, and it warms as he massages it into me. He resumes fucking me from behind, but starts to work a couple of fingers into me at the same time. A couple of Santa/sleigh type references float through my head, but I know we have moved far past that scenario. I am pretty sure he is going to fuck me in the arse and I don’t feel ready, so the former playful bravado is gone as I slip deeper into my submissive headspace.

“I love fucking you in the arse, you know that don’t you?”
“Yes, Sir,” I reply.
“Good, because I want to ride you hard.”
And I don’t say much apart from asking him to take it slowly because I don’t know if I am ready and I want it to be right. None of this is planned and I wonder what I have got myself into, but my pride and my desire to make this good for him means that I don’t fight it, even though I feel like a part of me wants to shout that I am small and scared and not the sexy person I made him see before.

He pushes himself in slightly and then tells me to push back against him until I have taken him all in. Then he starts moving, slowly at first, until I get used to it. He tells me to reach around and touch my clit, which I do. It isn’t enough though as he is moving faster, in and out of me. I ask to use a toy and reach for the Satisfyer which is sitting on the beside table. The suction on my clit is so much stronger than the feel of my own fingers, and it means that I become a bit lost by it all.

I feel overwhelmed by the speed and the pace of what has happened and the way that the tables have turned. The shift in my head has also been fast and I have fallen quite deeply into a place where I become the other version of myself. I am driven by the feelings and become greedy and needy and wanton. I realise how fast and hard how he is driving into me and I am sort of shocked but sort of elated too. It feels amazing and I feel all the contrasts that are part of submitting and being Dominated.

I can feel him building to his orgasm and my own is close; when he comes, he struggles not to shout out, alerting the rest of the house to our antics. He tells me to lie on my back and continue with the Satisfyer, which I am glad to do. I am really close now and when he leans over and kisses me hard on the mouth, my orgasm comes, blasting through me in wave after wave after shuddering wave. I lie there for a while, just drifting in his arms.
“Did you enjoy your ride, Sir?” I ask in the end because I can’t resist, and we both laugh before falling asleep.

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  1. Well that was incredibly hot missy! I really enjoyed reading about your anal sex but not as much as I enjoy being taken hard that way! PS asks me to go on top occasionally as it’s a position he really enjoys. Like you I don’t see it as switching or me taking control, it’s a position to provide pleasure for them so for me it feels submissive still.

    • Thanks gem. Good to know I am not alone in that and I am glad that you found it hot. It felt pretty hot to be honest ?

  2. JB and I have similar views on the flexibility of our D/s and that it’s important to still be who we are and honor our personalities. I look at those “offerings” as service instead of submission (which are often one and the same). I might have the idea and present a scenario but it’s done in service to him and/or our D/s dynamic, and because he has the power of yes and no, he’s clearly still in charge. 🙂

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