Sensational Sunday for missy

Sensational Sunday for missy was actually sensational Friday. I explained that things sort of threw us off in my Christmas Stockings post but that we are working through our gifts regardless of falling behind. We may still be doing them in January but to me, that will only be a good thing. We have always enjoyed sensation play and it seemed like the perfect end to a busy week, even if it was much overdue. HL uses two different types of sensation play: one tends to be gentle sensations which arouse and lead to an overload of pleasure, and for the other he uses pain as one of the sensations and builds my tolerance, along with some sensual stimulation of course. I love both for different reasons.

Friday was about the first type and HL informed me that it would be gentle and relaxing. He started with touching and teasing, using different sensations to arouse and ignite all of my erogenous areas. This is always good as it helps me to relax and get into it. He had told me to keep my eyes shut so it made me focus on his touch all the more. He tends to add in lots of different things and, because I can’t see, I become a bit confused and unclear about what he is actually doing or using. After a while my brain stops trying to work it out and I just go with how amazing it feels, so this is a really good type of play for me.

He also used temperature play and had heated a glass dildo in a cup of hot water. Many of the sensations feel cold, because I tend to run cold anyway. Although we’d had the heating on, and I had just come from a hot bath, my body temperature always seems to dip fairly fast so he doesn’t need to chill things down. Basically, they feel shockingly cold to me unless he has already warmed them. The effect of the hot glass on me is amazing though. It really turns me on and sends me tingling and wanting more. When he pushes it inside me it can feel almost too hot to take, but only almost!

He played for a while with the sensations, building things up from tantalisingly faint to full on pressure, and then was able to draw a big orgasm from me.  I was taking notes, of course, as he has put ‘Sensation Sunday for HL’ on the calendar for next Sunday, so watch this space!


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  1. I think a sensory play session is my favorite type of play now. We’ve never thought about separating the gentle and not from each other that way. I think that would be a good idea to alternate more from one to the other.

    • I also love it. I think as time goes by you experiment more with the things that you like. At first I just wanted it all but am more considered now. ?

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