Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings. Missy by the tree

Christmas Stockings is part of our Festive Photo Shoot and is day 12

So any of you who are following our Advent Calendar this year will have noticed a bit of a hiatus on the posts. Basically things caught up with us and we didn’t catch up with the things we had planned. This happens every year as, although 24 nice things to do for each other sounds ideal, it can be tricky to fit them in around late nights, nights out, crazy work commitments, family celebrations, Christmas shopping, food planning ………  you get the picture I am sure.

One of the things that didn’t happen on the right day was our festive photo shoot. But what we try to do if something comes up is to bank or shift the ‘gifts’ to a time which suits us better. And I think this is the right way to do it. There is no point planning to do something fun and then beating yourself up for not doing it. That definitely defeats the purpose with this. So rather than taking pictures on the 12th, we had our festive photo shoot this morning instead

I really like some of the images that people have posted other years where they have the tree and the lights in the background, so Christmas Stockings is our attempt at something festive with a sprinkle of sexy too.

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I decided to use this picture of Christmas Stockings for my advent calendar again this year. It is a little different because we are doing a community version which is proving fun. To see the calendar for 2020 click here, or head to The Safewords Club to see what fun people are up to. 

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    • Thanks Missy. It didn’t work so well in colour. Sometimes I can’t choose but this one I was sure about losing the colour ?

  1. I love stockings! On her of course!! ?

    And no judgement here…I can’t understood how you keep up with all you do as it is! Missing a few days of the advent calendar is totally understood!

    BTW, what a gorgeous pic!

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