naughty or nice

Naughty or Nice?

“Naughty or nice?” he said, indicating two piles of toys laid out on the dresser as she came into the bedroom. She looked from one to the other and froze. He had done this once before, put on that voice and said those things and, to be honest, she just melted a little, feeling silly and girly and overwhelmed.

But there had never been things like those. Where had he got that stuff? And what was some of it? There was no way that she could give an answer. She wanted to but she couldn’t. It felt so hard and as if she had held something back for so long that he was now expecting her to give up.

“Naughty or nice?” he said again, adding “and if you don’t choose then I will have to work it out for myself.”

Again she hesitated. She felt flustered but aroused too. Some of those things on the side looked really interesting and the fact that he might use them on her excited her in a way that she couldn’t quite explain. It was as if the way he was behaving tapped into something deep inside of her.

“Too slow,” he declared while she was still trying to find it within herself to say something. “Come over here and lie across my knee and I will show you what Santa thinks of girls who are both naughty and nice.”

And although it was ridiculous and a little part of her wanted to laugh, a larger part became compliant and a seed of of intrigue seemed to land and rest upon her. Was he going to spank her?  It was not something he had ever done and it seemed unlikely as they had never talked about it. But why else? She felt a shy smile try to poke its way across her face, but she fought it back and tried to remain expressionless.

“Hurry up,” he said, patting his knees. “I want that naughty bottom right where I can see it and we will see whether you find it nice.”

Oh my god. It seemed he was actually going to do this and suddenly she felt a warm thrill creep across her. She had often wondered what it would be like to be over his knee, but it seemed such an odd thing to ask for. She had read about it, of course, in some of the erotic fiction that got her hot and touching herself quietly when he was out, but it wasn’t something she felt she could ask him to do.

Sometimes she was still turned on when he came home and they would have sex as she thought about how he would spank her bum and touch her at the same time, but that fantasy wasn’t something she had ever shared with him. So how did she find herself here, on Christmas Eve, in their bedroom, about to go willingly over her husband’s knee to be spanked for the first time?

Feeling a bit silly and very shy, she moved herself level with him and bent her body in the centre so that her head was on the bed and her body lay across his knees.
“Shuffle up a bit,” he instructed, “I want your bum right here where I can see it best.”

She wasn’t wearing much. Her usual bedtime attire was a camisole and shorts, so she could feel his hard cock pressing into her stomach through the flimsy fabric. She felt better knowing that he was aroused too. She didn’t know why but somehow the fact that he wanted this seemed to make all the difference to her. Something seemed to shift inside her and she felt bolder in her role. A little more confident and comfortable.

“Mmmm. That’s better,” he said when she was finally positioned with her bottom upturned on his lap. He began to stroke her bum and legs, letting his hand slip up and down the soft skin of her inner thighs. She felt herself starting to drift somehow, the sensation becoming all she was focussed on. Thoughts of how ridiculous she must look or how weird what they were doing was, seemed to slip from her mind. This felt good and she knew that she wanted more.

“Be a good girl and reach around and lower your shorts for me please.” The instruction threw her a bit. It had been fine when he was taking the lead but now he was making her implicit in what he was doing. She hesitated long enough for her to feel his fingers push past the material of her shorts.

“I can feel how wet you are so I know that you want this as much as I do. I want to feel my hand against the bare skin of your arse and to see how beautifully you are going to pink up at my touch, so I would like you to pull your shorts down as I asked so that I can enjoy you to the full.”

At that she swallowed her pride and her sense of who she was and had always been before, and reached around to lower her shorts as instructed. She wondered briefly what she looked like, a grown woman over the knee of a grown man, her pyjamas around her ankles. Absurd she thought. And yet it didn’t feel like that. It felt hot. Like really hot, and she hoped that it wouldn’t stop now that it had started, whatever it was.

He began to play with the skin on her bum then, stroking and kneading and pinching. It felt so good and like nothing she had ever experienced before. When the first slap came, it was sharper than expected but after it fell it seemed to melt into a different feeling, a sort of heat, and then was gone. She wanted another. Was she crazy? She wanted it harder too, harder than she thought he might want to do. Should she tell him?

She needn’t have worried. He seemed to know what she needed in some way and began to spank her in earnest. The blows weren’t hard but they rained down so that she could feel the skin on her bum beginning to heat. He increased the pressure and with each hit she felt herself pressing into him in a way which made her clit tingle and shifted the feeling to centre there.

“It seems she likes naughty,” she heard his voice state. “Very naughty. In fact, I think if I was to run a test, I would discover that you were very wet from being spanked like this. Oh yes,” he tormented. “Only naughty girls would get this wet over something like this!” And he plunged his fingers into her. Was it two? She couldn’t tell, but it fuelled her need for him and her need to have part of him inside her.

“Haha,” he chucked to himself. She likes nice as well as naughty. Well I can give you that too if you ask me nicely.”

“Yes please.”  She heard herself speak for the first time and wondered if it was really her. Surely it was for the voice spoke what she wanted to say, but she felt that really, she would not have spoken those words herself. This was all so confusing and she could hardly make sense of it at all.  She didn’t know what she wanted really but she wanted him and she wanted this and she wanted his naughty and his nice.

“Then tell me what you want me to do to you,” he stated simply. “If you want me to fuck you with my fingers because it feels nice then ask me to do that. And if you want me to spank your pretty little arse some more because it feels so naughty then ask me to do that.”

She thought he was done and was wrestling within herself to voice the fact that she wanted both. That she was nice but also naughty and she needed both and needed them now and that she just wanted more and for him to give her what he thought she needed when he spoke again.

“And if you are feeling really naughty then I have a spare finger here that you might like to feel explore your tight little arsehole, so you could ask me to do that too.”

She felt the shock land in the same way that his hand had done earlier, and the feeling and the thought dissipate through her, telling her something she had maybe always known but never acknowledged. She knew the answer then. She was that naughty and she wanted him to do all of these things and more. She would have to find a way within herself to ask, or perhaps he would help her, because she knew that there was no going back from here.

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  1. Wow! … a hot little piece describing perfectly the ‘good girls don’t do that but oh how they want to’ conundrum ? … nj … xx

  2. This is very, very hot. The line “making her implicit in what he was doing” is exquisite and made me squirm.

  3. Oh wow!! How enticing and delicious! Wish I could experience this (roles reversed as always though!).

    You write the best fiction…unless of course it isn’t! ?

    • It is a hybrid as most of my fiction is. Part fantasy and part reality. Fingers crossed we both get the real deal lol ?

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