You light me up

The number 6 spot on our advent calendar this year was taken by electric play: You light me up – with electric – wired and ready to rock your world. I bought an ElectraStim kit last year for HL as part of our Kinky Christmas and we absolutely love it. We have used it loads and I have written about it here , here and here, and other places besides. We tend to use it in the same way each time becasue although we have experimented with other methods, this one is a winner time and time again.

The kit we have is a form of tens machine rather than being the violet wand type. We have tried the other sort but I didn’t like it as much. I lie on my front and HL places two pads, one on either bum cheek. Then he turns it up until I can feel it, slowly building up the intensity while he touches me at the same time. When it gets really strong and he can see that I am struggling a bit, he adds the wand and gets me to lift my bum and he places it so that it is vibrating onto my clit.

He watches me carefully and will alternate between increasing the pain and increasing the pleasure, although I have noticed that the electric always goes up two or three notches to every one of the wand. Once it is pretty high, each additional marker has a huge effect on my body and I push myself into the wand. I will be honest and say that it is a really unusual sensation. My muscles end up moving involuntarily and I can feel them twitching when it gets really high, and I have no control over them at all.

It feels as though my bum cheeks are being pulled apart and this plays into the sort of erotic humiliation fantasy that I enjoy. Initially I thought that this was just a feeling but HL has since informed me, during play of course, that my cheeks really are being pulled apart by the electricity and that my arsehole is open and on display. He capitalises on this by blowing on it and touching it, and yes, even by pushing things into it.

It can be quite difficult to tell exactly what he is doing to be honest as they whole area feels sort of detached from me as I feel the sensations but have no real control over them. It is easy to slip into a state of mind where I quickly give up control. I am taken over by the pleasure and the pain and the delicious mix of the two. I am overstimulated and confused and I hover on the brink of orgasm as I get close and then adjust to cope with the feeling only for him to push me further and further until, in the end, I tip over.

Last night went pretty much as described above. I wasn’t sure initially as we had used the cane the day before and I have found that spanking beforehand leads to a much lower tolerance and a much sharper pain. As HL turned the machine up higher, this started to happen with one of the pads, so he moved it a little lower and that seemed to fix it. Actually the new position was really good and I quickly was able to let go again and melt into it.

As I fall into the effects of the stimulation, my body begins to move on its own in search of the pleasure from the wand. Not only do I push into it as the electric increases, I end up rocking my body on the wand, essentially humping it, as I look for something to counter balance what I am feeling. HL uses this to his advantage too, pointing out how needy and greedy I am becoming. Usually this would embarrass me but I know that I am beyond caring as I lustily seem more and more attention for my clit.

I ride the feelings as well as the wand, but he controls things carefully so just when I am about to come, he ups things again. I am thrown back to a place where I just have to take what he gives for a bit, rather than seeking out what I think I need myself. This goes on and on, usually until the unit is nearly at the maximum. I think he reserves a couple of notches for when I come as I am sure that he ups the pace at the last minute. Afterwards I lie there feeling sated but still with my clit and my bum vibrating from the aftereffects.

Usually HL will order me onto my knees and taken me hard, as he finds his own orgasm. Last night he was content just to lie there and hold me, although one thing led to another and that led to some cock worship, which I realise will be repeated today for number 7.

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  1. I didn’t realise that the electricity literally moved your bum cheeks apart?! I thought it was just a feeling too, are you sure. Gosh now I’m going to be worrying about how my arse looks next time we use our ElectraStim! Glad you had a good time missy, lovely although slightly unnerving post for me lol.

    • Well that is what HL said. Maybe he was winding me up as a mind fuck. When he read the post he didn’t say oh no that was a joke though. I will check. It’s a good feeling so I probably won’t stop though ?

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