TV and fondle under a blanket

Well the big number 5 was entitled ‘The Weather Inside is Frightful’. and it was TV and a fondle under a blanket. Actually nothing could have been further from what I wanted. We snuggled up and after the dog stopped trying to come between us by staring at the movement under the blanket, we both breathed out a long sigh and just enjoyed the time together. It has been a busy week and the ones to come will be busier and we both benefited from time just to slow down and stop.

Apart from the fact that I adapted to the warmth and found it cold when I eventually had to relinquish my cover for bed, it was all good. In fact it made me want to stay there for the night, just relaxing with HL and touching each other in a way that we should do more. This was a great example of one of the small things and like everything we have done so far, it has taught me something, or reminded me of something, or just brought some forgotten thought back to the fore of my mind.

I went to bed happy and thankful for my life. We have had our trials and nothing is ever perfect but we have the things which matter to us and I am so glad for that.  I also felt glad that we had made the effort to do this again. I will be honest and say that it does feel like something extra at a time I am stretched, but actually that extra is made up of the things which are important to me.

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  1. I think it’s easy to forget to do the simple things to connect sometimes so it’s lovely that your advent is making time for each other. I personally love a snuggle with PS under a blanket with some roaming hands.

  2. It is good to be reminded of what really matters…and what actually is the foundation of a great D/s marriage.

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