candy caning

Candy Caning

Well, number 4 was a candy caning – ‘apparently stripes aren’t just for the cane; they give them too’. I had been looking forward to this one.  We used to have a regular cane session on a Wednesday night but for one reason or another, it seems to have slipped a bit, so it was a nice thought to get back to it. I have always found the Wednesday Canesday to be quite a calming treat midweek, so I was in a much better frame of mind this time.

It has been a busy week and I was late home and hoarse following a parent’s night, but the thought of the cane, contrary to what people might assume, felt like it would be therapeutic. I wasn’t wrong. As soon as the tapping started, I fell into the rhythm. I have written before about the tapping motion HL uses but if you want to read more about that and how it feels you can find further detail in The Tap of HisLordship’s Cane.

I found myself pushing into the bed in a way that made me feel turned on quickly, as well as feeling that I was a part of what he was doing. He spoke to me, encouraging me to take more for him and I wanted to, I really did. He always increases things slowly for me and so I am lulled into the sensation and the attention to my body. The heavier blows which he slips in come as a shock, but it is one which is quickly absorbed into the overall feeling.

I have written before about my relationship with pain and the fact that it has its limits, but HL keeps the caning at a level where he uses the deliciousness of the pleasure-pain to connect me to him and hold me right where he wants me to be. He adds in the wand when things become more intense and carries me along, hanging on the brink until I am no longer thinking about anything other than him and the feelings he is eliciting from me.

It worked out well and I was in a state of being really relaxed as well as satiated from my orgasm. I don’t really like the term subspace as I have read so much about what it is meant to be and it makes me feel like a failure. For years people told me that I just had to take more pain and push past it or leave a set number of minutes for the endorphin dump and then I would ‘fly’. As far as I am concerned that is bollocks and advice not worth taking.

I have never soared over mountains but the caning does leave me feeling a bit spaced out and I feel a bit floaty and happy and in a state of wellbeing. More than anything it means that I am overwhelmed with the feeling that I fucking love HL and that I would do anything for him. So he rolls me over and puts his cock in me and I start coming all over again because it hurts as he drives into me with my ankles round his neck and it’s nice and I can see him and I can hear him and I just want for him to feel as good as I do.

And that was number 4, a candy caning!

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  1. Caning and subspace … two items on my not entirely explored or experienced list … we don’t have a cane but F does have a blind rod implement that has been used on occasion but not to the lovely extent you describe here … and subspace is a mystery to me as well … I feel sated and in a happy place afterwards but I never ‘flown’ anywhere ;>) … nj … xx

  2. Sounds like a lovely 4. of december if you ask

    i woudn’t stress about the “flying” “does leave me feeling a bit spaced out and I feel a bit floaty and happy and in a state of wellbeing” sounds pritty spaced out to me.

    There’s such a chase for the subspace going on, in my experience it happens if it happens. I for one can’t force it that woudl leave me stressed and then there would be no “flying” what so ever…


    • Yes I think that is right. I don’t think about it these days and accept that I am how I am. Thank you for your comment as it is always interesting to hear how it works for others. ?

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