Gloves because Baby It’s Cold Outside

Number two in our advent calendar was ‘Gloves because Baby It’s Cold Outside.’  I was pretty surprised with this one and it wasn’t really what I had expected. This can be a good thing and it was. The weather has turned pretty cold up here and I couldn’t seem to find the warm gloves that I wear when walking the dog. HL returned home tonight and present me with a new pair of gloves, because baby it’s cold outside. I suppose I had expected something sexy or kinky as that is more often his way, but he explained that he was thinking of me and wanted to look out for me.

I suppose this is what I mean by the little things adding up.  Knowing that he is thinking of me in small ways as well as big is actually really important. It is also clever the way that giving works because it made me want to do something in return, so I set about trying to take a selfie of me in the gloves. Thoughtful as ever, he had purchased the ones with the little tabs on the index fingers so that you can operate an iPhone without taking them off.  Although a little tricky to set the timer while still wearing them, with a bit of a swipe, it did still work.

So in response to gloves because baby it’s cold outside, he got a picture of a naked me in gloves, because baby it’s warmer inside.  I have not posted anything intimate here, but I did make the effort to take a few for his private collection.


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