Too late to apologise

Too late to apologise

She had been sidetracked on her laptop. She had started off Christmas shopping as there were so many deals on, but had also been lured into social media. She really wasn’t aware of the time until she heard the door click and his footsteps. Her stomach turned a little. She knew this wouldn’t be good. She was meant to have completed the list he had sent her. It wasn’t onerous and she would have had plenty of time. It was mostly Christmas prep, things which would benefit both of them. And he had also thoughtfully added time for her to do her nails before going out.

The text came to mind again, the last few lines flashing before her eyes.  I want you ready and waiting, sitting on the chair, in nothing but your red and white candy cane socks. I want to enjoy looking at your gorgeous body while I get ready myself. Then we will go out and I will have the sight of your soft round nipples in my mind as we socialise. She had understood, really she had. These work things could be so dull and he liked to spice them up a little if he could. But she had failed him. She wasn’t ready and she wasn’t waiting. Her nails weren’t done and neither was her hair. She was going to have do that while he got ready now, so by denying him what he had asked.

She could feel it even before she looked up. The General was not one for immediate displays; he was considered, the picture of control, and this time would be no different. He came into the room and kissed her as he usually did. He asked after her day and she heard about his while she waited for her opportunity. She knew it would be better to say something first, but what? She had no excuse and he wasn’t one for them anyway. A stickler for detail he just wanted the facts, and so that was what she gave.
“I am sorry Sir. I did get your message.” Nothing. Of course he wouldn’t make this easy. Whatever the consequence was, it had started as soon as he entered the room and saw her.

She didn’t need time to reflect. She saw it clearly from his point of view. He had worked hard all day, dealt with the stresses and strains, and the thought of coming home to her had kept him going. He would have toyed with the idea on and off, feeling a flutter himself at the imagining, and then on the journey home would have let the thoughts occupy that space in his mind. It had been a simple thing and he would say it wasn’t important in and of itself, but it was disappointing none-the-less. And she didn’t want to disappoint. She had the utmost respect for him. As well as love. So she wanted to do it, not just for him but for herself too. It made her happy. She didn’t need time to think in order to feel the fact that She had let him down in this small way.

But the words fell out of her mouth regardless. Trying to explain away and justify what she knew was futile because she wouldn’t excuse herself, even if he did. Which he wouldn’t of course. He listened and he watched her squirm and wriggle. It was part of the process in a sense and it fuelled him in some small way. She looked so gorgeous as her pretty lips opened and closed in explanation. And as her eyes plead, he watched her breasts rise and fall; as she spoke, her words were released to hang in the air and he got harder, regardless of what she may or may not have done for him. She was perfect but he would have to respond, and he would.  He wasn’t angry. More he was turned on and thoughts of how he would make this work floated around in his mind as she spoke.

In the end she stopped and he looked at her. God she was beautiful, especially when repentant like this.
“Go and put on the socks as I asked. I will enjoy the view regardless of how prepared you are.” He saw her breathe a sigh of relief that she had an opportunity for recompense. She relaxed in a noticeable way. It was very cute and it spurred him on somehow.
“And as I know you will look so cute in them, you can wear them to the party!”
“But Sir, they won’t go with the dress.”
“Don’t worry, missy, they will go with your outfit perfectly. I will leave it out on the bed for you. Believe me, you will have the attention of everyone in the room, especially mine, which after all, is what I know that you want.”

A short while later they were ready. Her face matched the red of her socks as they waited for the door to be opened. And he was right of course. She did have the eyes on her and she tried just to go with it, to make him proud. But she was mortified. The socks would have been enough but the sheer red dress was such a step too far for her. She didn’t know whether or not it matched the colour of her face but she felt it did. He had let her wear a red thong which he had presented as a concession, although in reality it only added to highlight the fact that she wore nothing else under the dress. It pulled the eye down in a way that advertised everything about her, with the need to say nothing in words.

He squeezed her hand.
“You look fucking gorgeous,” he whispered into her ear in a low voice. “Sometimes I can’t believe you are mine and I want you to know that there is no need to apologise for what happened earlier. It is forgotten, completely. The sight of your nipples, hard for me, will more than make up for what I missed out on earlier. Please know that there will be no punishment. You know that I love to have you on display, and this more than meets that requirement.” And she knew that it did. They would have fun, once she slipped into that place where she was his enough to overcome the fear she felt. It would just be him and her then and, as the door opened and the surprise and intrigue settled on the face of their host, she hoped that the feeling would come soon.


Thank you to Focussed and Filthy for use of her picture as the featured image.


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    • The picture isn’t me it belongs to ‘Focussed and Filthy’ And it was the prompt for Masturbation Monday. She does look cute though. ?

  1. You write such amazing stories Missy! If I were a female sub, I’d so want to be her! Humiliation is the perfect punishment…always.

  2. ooooo, The General! … I remember The General ? hot, hot, hot!… catching up on my blog reading and see you’ve been busy. I hope there’s more to this story :)) … nj … xx

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