Hat and Heels

Hat and Heels

The prompt for Sinful Sunday this week is the letter H. I hummed and hawed (very on prompt) over which H to submit: Handcuffs, hood, headband? Or something more active? Hand job, honour bondage or humiliation. What about a hog -tie? In the end I broke with habit and settled on something non-kink related, a hat and heels.

Hat and Heels

And in case you feel it is a cheat because you can see hat but not my heels, I took one the other way around too.  I am not sure which I prefer but I noticed after we took this one that I have a little hazel bruise on one bum cheek which is probably the remnants of some kink related activity so perhaps I count as kinky after all.

Hat and Heels

Sinful Sunday

To see who else is sinning this week, please kiss the lips and the link will take you to where you need to be. Alternatively to see more of me, click here for more images.

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  1. I love the things people come up with when the prompt is the letter H!
    I like your take on it, and I love the composition, especially of the first one. It looks very elegant and kind of artsy because your head has been taken out completely.

  2. I am a huge fan of photos that are sexy without being explicit, and the top photo (especially) pushes that button for me in a big way.

    It’s mysterious yet playful – two other elements that draw me in, especially when used in conjunction – and the way your skin glows gives it a feeling of softness, despite the spike of your heels.

    • Thank you so much Mrs Fever. Trying not to be explicit has actually been really good for me. It has made me think more about what is in the picture and it is getting easier ?

      • What fabulous images and I knew they were from you the minute I saw them. The first is quite classy but I love the cheekiness of the second one. They work well together.
        Ps you look fabulous!

  3. Gorgeous photos Missy! The first shot is very mysterious (and a little devious as you could be naked). The second highlights the heels more but is also wonderful. Several people have mentioned elegance—certainly applies. You might be dressed for a grand ball at a nudist resort! Cinderella eat your heart out!! ?

  4. Wow missy – with this ‘duo’ you’re really spoiling us!
    Like Accidental Masturbator’s image recently – either of these could be an Athena poster!

  5. Simply wonderful and enticing photos! Just wow. Be sure and look at these next time body image struggles show up!! ?

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