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My fantasies: Indulgence, vice and all things nice

In thinking about fantasies or, more specifically my fantasies, I have to admit that I have come quite far, for someone who wouldn’t discuss them and couldn’t write about them. It has taken a long time, and I have still got a long way to go, but I think that over the course of my time blogging, I have begin to feel more comfortable talking about them. Now I was never hesitant because I am embarrassed to share. I can talk about sex and desire quite openly, it was more because they were hard to pin down. I suppose that the sorts of fantasies that I read about had a clear storyline and followed a sequence of events. Mine have never been like that.

As I explained in The Reality of my Fantasy, my fantasies were more things made up of snapshots of words and feelings and images. They made sense to me and turned me on, but they were never something I could grasp onto and articulate into something that would make sense to someone else. Apart from anything else, they often felt extreme and weren’t actually things that I wanted to do. They sort of shocked me in some senses and there was no way that I could make them my own and put them out there.

I think that I understand that more now, having explored my sexuality and desire much more fully the past ten years. Some of those things had been repressed on the surface because I had been made to feel that they wouldn’t be acceptable. These thoughts actually formed the root of my fantasies but it was only through understanding their use in erotic humiliation and the cognitive dissonance that this caused, that I could see why they had never been available to me in the way that they seemed to be for many others.

I have explored this a lot on my blog, and posts such as The Thrill of Shame go into a bit more detail about how this works for me. Suffice to say, the things that I find taboo, are often the things that turn me on most.  I have known from the start that these were somehow the things that I loved to hate, but it wasn’t until more recently that I really understood why, or how this worked. My fantasies are still like that and a lot remains private but I have been able to shape some of them into a more conventional format.

I first wrote about an actual fantasy in a format that I felt it would fit what others seemed to have, for HL as part of my advent calendar in 2017. He wanted me to talk more about what was in my head and I wanted to show that it was important to me to push myself. He actually asked me to write another one the following year.  Writing fiction has been another way of doing this and, although I don’t write a lot of fiction, most of what comes out is based on the things that I think about and the things which turn me on. There is a common theme of Dominance and submission, as well as erotic humiliation.

While much of what I write can be hot for me, they remain things which would often push me up against my boundaries, so are not things that I would necessarily want to do in reality. They are made up of the snapshots and thoughts and images which I draw from. The thought of them is often enough and to hear them said out loud will tap far enough into what I have pushed away, that I would not actually need to do them.

That being said, they do allow me to access my submissive space and the acting out of them would be so far past what I would ever ask for or acknowledge, that I realise it would push my submission to another level. This is why I feel the title fits: ‘indulgence, vice and all things nice’ summarises the contradictions that I feel about many of the fantasies I have. I become aroused by things which I am not really happy to accept that I want. I want to be made to want them, to be exposed in my wanting of them, and to teeter on the precipice of emotional pleasure and pain.




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  1. Nicely done Missy, I love how you have come so far in your journey and your fictional work is very erotic, and I know I am not the only one who thinks so…

    • That is very true. I don’t think there is any chance of me switching off my thoughts though. My head is always full although many are not of the sexy variety ?

  2. I think I have said this to you before, Missy … I too have difficulties pulling out what is in my head and putting it into words. Much of what you have written, fact and fiction, resonates with me. It’s like you have a window into my mind :>) … nj … xx

  3. I remember speaking with u at Eroticon in 2018 about fiction. And u saying you just couldn’t do it. Well u have certainly proved yourself wrong there. You fiction is fab and i look forward to more of it xx

    • Thank you May. My issue has always been having the ideas not so much putting them into words. I am finding that I have more than I used to though which is good. And thank you for what you said. That really means a lot ?

  4. My fantasies are a bit like yours. Sometimes I just move and am in a totally new and different situation. And then I’m back where I started. And yet my fantasies are very detailed. The only thing that isn’t usually clear are the faces of the people involved. I see my Queen and myself clearly but just really the bodies of anyone else. When I start to try and write them down I’m often bogged down with detail. I try and minimize it for the story telling but I have scents, tastes and all sorts of details percolating through my brain
    Strangely too there are aspects of my fantasies that have been hard to talk about. Secret shame?? Fear of rejection?? Who knows. lol

  5. Your last line says it all and I’m so with you on that! So first, let’s me say I’m as curious as ever now to see what may be revealed in time to come. And second, your fiction is so amazing and creative, that if that’s some sort of limited release of what’s within you…I can’t wait to see you write as you get more in touch with expressing your true hopes for “indulgences, vices, and all things nice”!!

    • Thank you QH. I think it all centres around erotic humiliation and being taken beyond the boundaries that I throw up. There is something which stops me, my notion of myself I suppose, and sometime I would like to be made to give that up and see where I go ?

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