Room 26 Pearce

Room 26 – Pearce (A Life of Pleasure Part 2)

This is part two of a series set in a futuristic dystopian world. Asha is a Responsive in a world which has become Frigid. She works at The Citadel where her orgasms, along with the orgasms of the other Reponsives, are harnessed each day in order to power the world.
Although not necessary, if you wish to read the background to how Asha got here, you might want to start with part one, A Life of Pleasure.

Room 26 – Pearce

Pearce was one of the best Harnessers at the Citadel, well in Asha’s opinion anyway. He always seemed to catch her off guard and managed to get under her skin and into her head without her knowing it was about to happen. He understood her submissive tendencies and was every bit the Dom. He had power play down to a fine art, and although she was in the position she was outside of work, she just melted for Pearce every time.  She tried not to think of it really, it felt like weakness, but then all of this did a little bit.

In other ways it made her strong. She would collect high tarrif points today she thought. He always knew how to draw the very best orgasms from her, and usually more than one too. She hesitated in the doorway, as was always the case, so that the reader could set her up. They said that you weren’t meant to feel it but she was sure that she did. It was like a prick in every erogenous zone as they connected to the system one by one, almost as if she was being aroused by the tiny nodes implanted inside her.

Her head had to be in the right place too of course and that was where Pearce and the other Harnessers came in. She supposed it would all be very clinical otherwise and she had heard that in the early days this had been the case. When they first discovered the level of power generated by orgasms, they had tried to elicit them in a more scientific way. But the most responsive of humans are not like that, so it was soon concluded that they needed proper interactions to get the best from them, hence her work at the Citadel.

The room had a reddish glow to it and she could see Pearce standing, barefooted in a pair of nicely fitting jeans.
“Asha.  How lovely to see you again,” he said, holding out his hand for her to come to him.
Always such a gentleman, she thought. Never a hint that this was not one of the romantic engagements that she had read about in the past. That would pass too though. As they got deeper in, she knew he would change, becoming more demanding, more controlling. He would demand she give him everything, and, of course, she would.

He looked her deep in the eyes and she felt as if he could see straight into her mind. He smiled at her knowingly and placed each hand on her shoulders, allowing his fingers to trace the line of her arm slowly down to rest at her waist.
“Always such a pleasure,” he whispered in her ear as he moved his hands lower squeezing each of her bum cheeks in turn.
In some ways she was glad that this was work, otherwise she might really fall for Pearce and she wasn’t sure where that would leave her.

She knew she was already wet at his treatment of her as the counter on the dial had started to move. She blushed as he caught her looking at it and registered her thought, but was soon saved as he lifted a blindfold from his pocket and placed it over her eyes. This was typical of Pearce. He tended to go for only a few props and toys. He was the resource and his words were the only tool he needed. It was always a smooth performance, she had to give him that. No wonder he was one of the Citadel’s greatest assets.

He moved her to the bed and told her to lie down. He pinned each arm and leg wide, as if spreadeagled.
“I don’t need to secure someone like you with cuffs, do I Asha? I assume that if I tell you that you are not able to struggle and fight that you won’t, but if you want the help then I can provide that for you. So whats it to be? Your choice. Can you stay still for me while I take your orgasms from you?”
And there it was. He had her already!
“Yes, Sir!” she just about managed to squeak out.
“Yes what, Asha?”
“Yes I will manage to keep still, without restraints, for you Sir.”

She seemed to wait then, for a while and felt nothing but the fact he was watching her. He took his time. Always. He wasn’t one to rush, but then with work like his, he didn’t need to. He was the least desperate person she had ever met. Always cool. Always calm. Always in control. And just when she was lost in her thoughts of Pearce, she felt him begin to kiss her. Definitely old school. Kissing just didn’t happen, but there he was, his mouth against her inner thigh, his breath teasing her skin as the stubble on his chin scraped across her body. She was glad, again, that she couldn’t see the counter. It would tell him all he needed to know.

Not that he really did need to know. He had here there, immobilised by his will and her desire to please him. She was his to do with as he wished for as long as he wished to keep her there. And with that thought she felt his finger brush her clit and plunge deep inside her. She bucked a little to accommodate the sensation, but kept her arms and legs where they were meant to be. She was so vulnerable, so open, as his little demonstration had proved.
“So ready,” he said. “Such a greedy little body. Just waiting to be used by me.” And in response she emitted a little exhale of breath which may as well have been an admission.

He continued to touch her, toying with her, playing with her, as she slipped slowly away from everything that she was outside and everything she became with him. He undid her really. She gave up control of herself and her responses bit by bit, and with each surrender he seized yet more control. She knew it fed him for he seemed to thrive on it and to grow bigger and stronger as she felt herself become less and less. And yet it was more than that. She became something else in exchange. Something of his making: something free and wanton and insatiable.

“Oh fuck, look at you Asha. You are becoming my little slut. If only they could all see you now. How you crave my touch, how you want to be used, how you want to be filled by me over and over until you burst from the feeling.” And he was right. She did want that. She wanted to be nothing else than his, right here and right now for ever. She knew that he would make her say it too. He would make her own her desires and as he held a wand to her clit and told her that he was going to make her to come for him more times than she ever thought possible, she knew that it was true.

She would do anything he needed her to do, her body well and truly under his spell. The wand on her clit was overwhelming and she didn’t think she could hold off much longer. She moved her leg a little to change position and suddenly she felt a sharp slap to her thigh and the wand was moved away.
“I told you no moving! Do I need to tie you up after all?”
“No Sir, sorry Sir, its just so …..” she said, unable to find the words to finish.
And the wand was back. And he was there above her, pulling off her blindfold in one swift move, the bright light suddenly making her disorientated.

“I want to watch your eyes as you come the first time. Look at me and don’t take your eyes off mine. Understand?” She nodded  and kept her eyes focussed on his.
“Now, ask me to let you come.”
This was hard. He knew it too. She wrestled inside with what little was left of her outside self, and as he pinched her nipple with one hand and pushed the wand more firmly onto her clit with the other, she let go and begged him to let her come.
“You may come,” he said, “but you must know that once this starts I will not stop. I will keep going even after you have come and there will be nothing you can do about it. I will take orgasm after orgasm until you have nothing left to give. And when that happens, I will still take one more. Do you understand?”

She did understand. And she didn’t care. She wanted this, she needed this and the rest she would deal with after. She might be struggling and fighting and screaming for him to stop but she knew that he would keep her hovering on that precipice between pleasure and pain, where the ecstasy is created, and she would let him and she would love it and she would even thank him for it.

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  1. Well you kept us waiting for the second part but you have done a great job – worth the wait and worth it’s weight as excellent fiction x

  2. Oh my!! What an amazing story. I’d so live to be owned like this. You are such a creative writer Missy!

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