missy watching from a window

Window watching

There is something about watching from a window. It feels like time well spent on the observations made. Meaningless in themselves, they require nothing from me in terms of response and yet, each picture evokes a response regardless. What looks like a simple daydream from the outside, is actually the processing time for a busy mind. And each interaction is a trigger for reflection or planning or consideration.

I can get lost in what I see, building lives and escaping through the fantasies of the maybes. Disappearing down a rabbit hole with things I might never experience myself and might never want to. But I can live those moments as them, feel what they would, and think as someone else for a while. Or I can springboard off onto something seemingly unrelated, propelling myself through the catalogue of my mind to arrive at something I had never knows required attention.

Time watching out of a window will leave me better off in many ways. I can feel rested, or energised, or inspired. I can feel relaxed or grateful or grounded. I think one of the main things, however, is the way that it connects me to the world. I feel a part of it, everything with a place, and a feeling of security about my place within that. It is like that time spent gives me an alternative view and that brings with it perspective on things closer at hand.

Sinful Sunday
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    • Thanks Missy. Sometimes I think it’s luck and they just work. They always work in my head but often look so different when they are actually taken.

  1. I have all sorts of ideas from this photo. But I always do from great photography.

    The watcher being watched while watching.

    I’ve long wanted to write something voyeuristic but haven’t quite found the words yet.

    • Thank you Asrai. I like the watcher being watched idea and have tried writing about that before. I look forward to reading when you do ?

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