Sacrilege - the perversion of ceremony

Sacrilege – the perversion of ceremony

Content Warning – as the title suggests, this post talks about sacrilege. If this is a kink which you find offensive then you may wish to read no further.

The Thrill of the Taboo

One of the things that is attractive about sacrilege is the thrill of taboo. Whether you have a faith and believe in a religion or not, most of us have grown up with the ceremonies which are part of a formalised religion. Although in this country we are now a much more diverse culture with a greater awareness of the beliefs of others, the remnants of a once compulsory religion, are all around us. While we may choose not to hold any significance to the various ceremonies ourselves, we recognise that others around about us still hold them dear.

I think this is what makes sacrilege a taboo, even if you are a non-believer.  We know that others would see it as wrong, and something about that may hold a small part of us back and add an element of thrill to the act. In addition, the large amount of ceremony can provide a lot of material with which to play. While sacrilege is not something that we have explored much yet, it is a kink that I would like to explore further. It remains quite a firm taboo for me, but it is also one that I fantasise about and can see us pushing boundaries with.

Bricks and Mortar

One of the ways that you can incorporate this kink would be in the use of buildings which have a religious purpose. Taking sexy pictures inside or next to a church, while in reality being no different to an image taken next to any building, can feel much more taboo. Performing sexual acts might push that one step further for you. These buildings often have a lot of atmosphere. They can have beautiful features and offer ample opportunity to be creative with the setting, so in that sense are ideal, adding not only the excitement of being somewhere different but also the association of their intended purpose.

People and Clothes

Not only are the roles often ones where there is an element of power or authority, they are also representative of what is seen as being good.  To turn this on it’s head by doing the thing that you ‘shouldn’t’ or ‘wouldn’t’ again challenges the innate taboos of the religious figures you choose.  The kinky priest, the naughty nun, the innocent choir boy are roles which can lend themselves to a power play dynamic or a sexually charged exchange. As with any roleplay, it is the elements associated with the role which make them desirable in their taboo.


Often, the symbolic connotations of something can be the most powerful in allowing it to hit the buttons of a taboo, and religious symbols have to be up there with some of the best. Many of the ceremonies performed are symbolic by nature and these can be easily transferred and used effectively within a sacrilege scene. A communion, a confession, or another from of ritual can have elements which would lend themselves to being used in a slightly different way. The familiar structure of the ceremony will allow it to be recreated in a new way, while still retaining enough of the original meaning to form a taboo by challenging the ideas behind it.

As with any taboo, the balance between what is hot and what it not is a fine line to walk. It will likely vary from person to person so often sacrilege is a lesser discussed kink. I know that I haven’t written much about it and would never want to cause offence by disrespecting someone else’s beliefs. However, play involving sacrilege is no different than play involving any other taboo. In the same way that age play doesn’t mean that you want to be with someone underage in real life, sacrilege doesn’t mean that you want to corrupt someone of faith. It is about taking the things which seem naughty and playing with them in a fun way.

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  1. Nice post missy ?. There is an odd feeling when we have taken photos in churches. We always have a rule to leave it how it was and I would feel uncomfortable doing anything more than taking nudes. It is oddly exciting, even as someone who has never believed.

  2. Oh I missed this prompt. Missy, such an interesting post. There are many religeous parallels and references that find their way into my writing. I draw on the irony or relatable thruths as I perceive them. This is perphaps an idea for me to explore and write on myself.

    • That sounds interesting. I aaa about last minute with the prompt as I couldn’t decide how to use it initially and also have been busier this week. I think there is a lot more to explore ?

  3. Really interesting post missy and although elements we have done I never considered it in this way. I personally really enjoyed getting nude in churches and graveyards as it certainly added an additional thrill for me.

    We have never done role play with a religious element as previously I would have dismissed as not for me (I have a great aunt who is a nun etc. ) but as we progress in discovering kink I find it easier to leave associations like that behind.

    Would love to read more about this missy.

  4. Well u know I am a bad girl! Sex in a church. Naked images in a church. Done those as well as the sexy priest fiction stories. I think I may need good spanking!

  5. Interesting to think about. I’d have a hard time with the role play as I’m disgusted by the corruption in the clergy (in general) and wouldn’t get off on imagining being part of it. But…to each his own right? I’m sure I’d be into something that would trigger someone else, so…

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