Excited, Nervous – Save the Date!

HL and I have attended Eroticon for the past two years. In short, we have been inspired, motivated and enthused by what we learned there. We have also felt welcomed, included and accepted by a whole community of people who are altruistic, encouraging and who we are excited to be around. This year when the time came to make a decision about what we were doing March 13-15, there was really no decision. Well there wasn’t for me because HL has the final decision in our house, but fortunately it was an easy one to make regardless. We would be going.

We looked at flights and we looked at hotels but we also looked at the request for speakers for this year.  Could we do it? We talked around the houses (that was me and not HL) and then filled in the form to make a pitch. And YAY. We made it! WE ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO BE SPEAKING AT EROTICON THIS YEAR. I have to tell you I was so excited. I felt like I had really achieved something and immediately thoughts of what I was going to talk about flooded in. Our presentation was forming in my head, slowly, slide by slide through the night, and when we walked the dog the next morning, HL got the full unadulterated missy on lack of sleep and adrenaline (fear not, he will adulterate me on the day).

But then I sort of fell into a slump. What would I post for my picture? I know, stupid overthinking! Get back to the slides, you have loads of great pictures! (HL’S DOM VOICE). But I hummed, and I haahed, and I checked all of the other faces on the speakers’ page, and I worried and I wondered, and in the end I asked HL to take this picture. It is not a face, although it will be on the day, don’t worry. It is hands in front of a face because although I am ‘out there’ I am not ‘out thereand yeah, the odds of finding me are, I don’t know how low, but the risk if someone did is high. (HL calls this a ‘low risk:high impact’, and who am I to argue?)

So, I hope that you like my picture which shows not only no face but no nips or bums or anything else that could hurt me. Since pulling back last year after a wake up call, we have been trying to manage to create something erotic without using the tools we did previously, and actually that has been a fun challenge for us. The me that wants to be, would have lost the black top and have had her hands cuffed behind her back and I think that is the me that you know, even if you don’t see her here. The me who will be excited and nervous to talk at The Most Absolutely Awesome Erotic Writer’s Conference That Exists In The World, will be stood there in front of you, fully dressed (don’t worry) on March 14th or 15th.

Remember to check out the Eroticon site for more information and updates!

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  1. It is a brilliant image. I think it captures your playful nature perfectly. You should totally wear those stockings to present in mind you!


  2. It’s an awesome image, you look like a pop star from the 80’s and I hope that comes across as positively as it is in my head. Really look forward to you and HL speaking, make no bones about it we will be there ?

    • All likenesses to 80s pop stars taken as a compliment here PS. That’s my era! And thanks for your support. Will be so great to hang out with you guys again ?

  3. This is amazing.. brilliant… exciting…. I know MrH and I are really looking forward to going next year… and seeing you two is part of the attraction for me, as well as meeting some others…

    Well done on this and congratulations ???

  4. What a beautiful and creative image Missy! And so excited for you to speak at Eroticon. Congrats! Wish we could be there!!

  5. I absolutely love this image missy, it’s truly mesmerising! Very pleased and excited that you both are speakers!! Can’t wait to sit, poised and ready to absorb some knowledge nuggets. Xx

  6. The photo is awesome and how exciting that yourself and HL are running a session, so many folks I want to listen to are speaking, but so am I! I now have a very long list of people I hope don’t clash with me and others on my list, lol, I know it won’t be possible to get to everyone but I do hope I can come and listen to you both xxx

    • I know. I am the same. Even when you aren’t speaking there are always clashes of things which sound so interesting. Hoping to make it to you though ?

  7. First of all, the image really IS gorgeous, and sexy!
    I was delighted to see that you and HL will be speaking at Eroticon, and just like Floss, I sure hope that my session doesn’t clash with that of you. There are so many people I want to go listen to!

    Rebel xox

    • Yes I am exactly the same. I need to do a Hermione Granger and time travel so that I can hear all of the sessions I want to ?

    • Aww thank you so much Missy. It is always really hard to get that balance. Maybe one day I can strip it all back off again. Freedom! ?

  8. This is without a doubt my favourite image this week…WOOOOW!!
    And I’m also super excited to see you speak next year, although I’m sad to hear something happened to make you pull back.

    • Thank you so much bee. I am really excited to speak too. And the pulling back was over the types of photo I could post rather than speaking. ?

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