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The things I do for (self) Love

Let me start by saying that I am not good at self love. It is not something that comes naturally and I can slip quite easily into being my own worst critic. Like many things in this world, however, I know the theory, I just don’t always put it into practice. Negative self-talk and negative thinking are probably the biggest downers on loving yourself and yet so many of us slip comfortably into those behaviours. We spend time beating ourselves up and punishing ourselves rather than adopting self acceptance, forgiveness and compassion.

Although I am not good at loving myself, I am good at following rules and so a power exchange where the rules are set for me by someone who does love me, has helped to focus my self acceptance and to build a better relationship with myself.  I suppose I have had an incentive and that has helped. I still have the tendency to put myself down, but I have learnt to hold myself in the moment for long enough to challenge the thought, reroute it and replace it.

Previous Behaviours

Previously I was my own worst critic. I put myself down all of the time. If I ever achieved something then I prefaced it with an apology, an excuse or a judgement about how bad it was. I found it uncomfortable to accept compliments and would argue with them or dismiss them. I set myself unrealistic expectations and used I have to, I must and I should far too often. I set myself up for failure and focussed then on what had not been achieved. I compared myself with others a lot and most of these comparisons were unfavourable.

Top 5 Self Love Strategies

Remaining in the moment

This is something that has been helpful for me to practise. Remaining in the moment allows me to focus on the positives and on the good things. It slows me down. It allows me to be more reflective and to take the time to think and appreciate and enjoy. Focusing on my senses and experiencing the world through them has meant that I have become more mindful and stopped the runaway train of thought that always aimed to lead me down the same superhighway to the same destination.

Accepting myself

A big part of self acceptance has come from listening carefully to what others are telling me. The mind reading and the making assumptions about what others think or feel about me used to hold me back, but now I try to challenge that by hearing what others are saying. And if they are saying nothing then I try not to over think. One key thing I have tried has been accepting compliments. Instead of batting them back, I allow them to land. And after I have thanked the person, their compliment sits there with me and I try to let it dissipate.

Challenging the negatives with Evidence

It feels good actually. I can’t say that away from everything else it would become my own thought, but accepting what others have said with the grace in which it was intended has allowed it to be filed away there, to be used as evidence which can then counter some of the negative ideas that I have. My body image would be one area where this has worked. I can’t say that I see myself altogether differently but I now accept that others see me in a positive light. This has also helped my relationship. Being able focus on what HL sees has helped to reinforce the connection between us.

Being a better friend

Alongside challenging with evidence has gone challenging the negative ideas. By nature I am a kind and caring person. I am thoughtful and would put myself out to help others. I try not to be judgemental and to see the best in others, so I have tried to show the same compassion to myself. I try to stop and think and catch the emotion that I am feeling. Once caught I can try to challenge and counteract it. If I am able to change my thoughts then my feelings will change too, so being kind to myself has led to me feeling happier and generally being more satisfied.

Forgiving myself.

Being human means that we make mistakes. I see this in others but have had to make a conscious effort to let my own failings go by. We all mess up. My job is based on helping others and a lot of that has to do with sorting things out when they have gone wrong. It is about putting the past behind and moving forward, not holding yourself back with the mistakes of yesterday but seeing each event as a learning opportunity for tomorrow. I know this sounds a bit like bullshit but it has actually helped me trying to see things like that. I don’t have to be perfect. I can’t be perfect. No one can, so why make it a goal.

Where I am at now

While these are my top self love strategies, I started by saying I am not good at it. It has been a challenge and in the interests of focussing on the positives, I will say that I have started, not that I have finished. I can’t say that I absolutely love myself but I can see that there are things to love. I can now see my strengths as much a s my failings and have found a degree of balance. I think that I have become better to be around as my responses to what others say about me are more considered, more thoughtful and more gracious than they were.

I still care too much about what people think of me but I have started to care a bit less. I can still hold on to things but I have got better at letting go. Overthinking is still pretty much a constant but I have come to see it more as a hobby than as a way of life. I have more ability to choose the thoughts that I entertain and to push out the ones that don’t deserve space in my head. I am still guilty of tormenting myself, but I try to limit it and put things into perspective by asking for assistance if necessary.

As I said, HL has made many of these things rules, which has really helped. It is always difficult to change behaviours, especially when they are deep rooted in habit, so having a bit of structure around it has worked well. But I am changing and I can feel it. The old roads that I travelled are being re routed and in the end, these new paths will become stronger and more obvious ones for my thoughts and responses to go down. Changing neural pathways is not an overnight thing, but it is something which you can do by being aware.

And I suppose that is my aim. It is to gradually get better at self love by practising these things that I do for self love. We all know that practice makes perfect but I am no longer seeking perfection so that is no longer my goal. I want to enjoy myself and enjoy being me. I want to celebrate in my achievements and for these achievements to be every day attainable things. I want to love my life and everything about it and this won’t happen if I am being down on myself.




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  1. Those are some good rules, it’s all so easy to be our toughest critic. But having goals to work on it that you both agree on is a good way to go. Nice post missy ?

  2. Great post Missy ?? keep up the good work and following the rules. I hope that you get to that point where you can see and accept yourself for the beautiful, sexy, kind, and thoughtful woman that everyone else can see. X

  3. Lovely post missy and they are some great strategies for self love. As you say, knowing them and following them are two very different things but it’s great that you have support along the way. I think acknowledgment that it’s not your strongest area is a fantastic step forward along the way. X

    • Thanks gem. I think it’s probably quite common to feel that way but I have got better at managing it as I have got older and more satisfied with my life ?

  4. Wonderful post as always missy 🙂 The strategies you listed are some of the things we (me and a group of other women) learned in a wellbeing course that prepped us for our therapy, as well as helping us stand alone 🙂 With lots of practice, like you said, you do start to see some results. Keep at it, you’ll get there! xx

  5. These are very valid things when you’ve spent years subsuming yourself in duty, over thinking your interactions and beating yourself up to meet unrealistic standards set by other people.

    Being able to take a deep breath, look inside and learn to quieten those internal voices is priceless. So great to read how you’ve been able accept yourself and the love of HL.


  6. I think it the way we learn to love ourselves – we have to take some reflection time and be good to ourselves – and often it is a 2 steps forward – one step back thing – but so important xx

    • Thanks Jupiter. I realise You have been through a tough time so I would imagine it is especially tricky. For me the D/s has really helped. It has made me more respectful towards myself I think as it has shifted my perspective. I am not saying that you need that, just that somehow I did ?

  7. I always wonder how people in a professional capacity will take it but then I also think you need to be honest with someone like a therapist. Good you were able to be open ?

  8. Go you – it is a work in progress and your steps towards it had me nodding along – I employ some of those myself.
    Take a compliment like a gift – that’s something I try to do. It is essential for good MH & loving relationships to love yourself, so keep at it.

  9. Thanks for being so open. Seeing that there are things to love about yourself is like discovering a small seed taking root. Yes, it can grow and with some care it will. In the meantime, we love you the way you are. xoxo

  10. Really great perspective and attitude Missy! No, none of us are perfect, and the sooner we begin to live the imperfections and see mistakes as learning lessons, life gets better. As a fellow recovering perfectionist, I too struggle to extend myself grace. I like your list and may borrow some of these strategies.

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