Photography and collaboration

Photography and collaboration

Photography and collaboration

When we were away the other week we had a nice apartment with a mirror. I have always really liked mirror pictures as I like the reflection and the way the mirror sort of distorts the image so that it appears to tell a story. I had an idea for this image and this isn’t quite how it was in my head but I liked it anyway.  I am always drawn to photography in black and white although I think that really the lighting has to be right in order to create the right effect. Usually we end up with shadows and highlights and other things that we don’t know how to get rid of.

Neither of us knows very much about photography other than what we like of course. HL has looked into ways to use his camera and had spoken to people before about some techniques, but our usual approach is just for him to snap away. I will contribute ideas and suggestions and things work best when we have the time and location to be relaxed, have fun and just go with it. Other times, one of us might have had a specific idea of what we wanted and that can work too. HL enjoys taking the pictures and keeps them in a folder where he can enjoy looking at them too.

In terms of what to post, that is usually up to me, although I do seek his opinion before publishing pictures. Often what is in the folder is not in a format which can be used, due to the limitations we have set ourselves: essentially nothing incriminating or identifiable.  I usually play around with filters and editing until I have something that I am comfortable with sharing, although some of the images are posted in their original format. I like being able to create something new that I can write about, but often the original is something that I like just as much if not more but for different reasons.

I have posted the untouched version of this image below as I quite liked it and couldn’t decide which of the two I preferred. I can end up falling down a rabbit hole with it a bit and can have 5 or 6 different versions of the same image, which I then have to choose between. Posting pictures of myself has been a journey which has built my confidence and acceptance of my body greatly but the anxieties are still there and this makes making decisions difficult as I find it hard to take the plunge and put something out there anyway. This is where HL usually comes in again and is asked to choose between them in a sort of photography identity parade.

photography and collaboration

For us, photography is a real collaboration. It is as area where we work together and it connects us. I post the images on my blog but really, they are as much HL’s as they are mine. I appreciate all of the kind comments each week but he reads them all too and feels a sense of ownership so it works really well for both of us. During the time when we felt that we had to stop posting, we both missed it. We are glad to be back and actually the constraints we have placed on ourselves are allowing us to think more creatively, or at least in a different way than we were before.

If you would like to see more of my journey with photography and body image, you might want to start here.

Sinful Sunday

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  1. Beautiful photos missy, I do love the use of mirrors in photos. Both the images are great but I do particularly like seeing the lines and curves of your body in the original image. Stunning x

    • Thanks gem. I did think it was easier to work our what you were looking at with the original as the black and white lost some of that ?

  2. I’m glad that your posting pictures still and I love reading about how your dynamic is a part of your photography, I think that’s wonderful. I too make lots of edits and struggle to pick which one. I like that using the mirror shows different parts of your beautiful body.

      • These are both beautiful images. I love the mood of the black and white, but I really love the perspective of the original, and how the focus is your lovely leg in the foreground, and we get such a dreamy glimpse of the rest of you in the reflection. ?

  3. I am a huge fan of mirror shots too. It’s one of the things I love about a hotel room is that there is often a good/interesting mirror and less clutter than at home.


  4. This reminds me that I do need to get a mirror to use in the new photo studio. This shot of you is sensual and sexy and bold, all pack into one. Love seeing the unedited version too.

    Rebel xox

  5. I always mess mirror shots up because something in the background takes the attention away. It is really something that I still need to learn to master! I can very much relate to the collaboration feeling when it comes to taking pictures for my blog. I am the one with the ideas, but during the shots, my Master often have suggestions that work better than my original idea. I sometimes do it all by myself, sometimes I ask him to take the pictures. But i always ask for his feedback when it comes to picking the right picture and edit! Very lovely picture of you!

  6. This is an inspired image – I love what it shows and what it conceals. It’s so clever how your stockinged leg covers your modesty, and your relaxed (almost slumped) pose is so real xx

    • Thanks Posy. I was using my hands to hold my legs open hence the pose but I’m not sure that can be seen. I’d like to go back and try some others. Maybe when we get more space to ourselves we can try more at home ?

  7. Mirrors and anywhere new are favourites for me. I actually love the original and really like that you can see your stockinged leg, it’s reflection and so much more.

  8. Having followed your blog a while, I’ve enjoyed watching how photography has helped you confront body image thoughts and fears and grow in your freedom. ?

    Great pic by the way.

  9. I love the color image the most, although the black and white is really visually stunning. And I agree about getting fixated on an image and ending up with many versions I can’t decide between 🙂

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