Finding your thrill

Finding your Thrill


“You live by what you thrill to, and there’s the end of it.”― D.H. Lawrence


I am happy to have found the thing that I thrill to. I don’t necessarily think that means the end to it for me, or really there would be no blog, but we are happy in our D/s and in this lifestyle and are grateful for all the kinky friends we are sharing this journey with. So in some senses, I do see what D.H.Lawrence means. Boiled down,  right here and right now, there is not too much else which compares.

Sinful Sunday
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    • Thanks May. We took a few and this was the most symmetrical (still not quite lol) but it was blurry so I used it anyway. ?

  1. I like the unusual viewpoint and sense of symmetry in this, the strong monochrome contrasts create drama and anticipation that’s echoed in the pose and the dreamy feel with the overall blur, nice shot.

  2. This is such an interesting angle. I had to look at the picture for a good minute to figure out what it is I am looking at. Very sexy, very creative, and the colourlessness makes it very intriguing!

    • Thanks DS. Sometimes it is hard when you see the photo yourself to know how it comes across to others. There was a much clearer one which I maybe should have posted too ?

  3. You highlight a favourite part of the feminine body. I love the little indentations at the inner tops of thighs. Very cool photo that did require a second look but works so well. The blur does indeed add to it.

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