Electro-play – Master’s Touch

HisLordship has said that we will be doing electro-play. I am lying on the bed, face down and he is securing the pads of the ElectraStim, one to each bum cheek.  We have found that this way works best for us and is where I can really enjoy the sensation of the electricity. It is not pain as such although it can pack a punch, and in some ways it feels a little like a punch. It is a feeling that is very difficult to describe, starting as a gentle tingling sensation like a fizzing under the skin, and building to a fierce shock which grabs your muscles and takes your breath away.  I like it though; I like it a lot.

So I lie there and wait, feeling a sense of excitement as he rubs the conducting gel onto each cheek and strokes and pinches my skin. These sensations are more usual for me, more predictable somehow. The ElectraStim feels unknown and perhaps this comes from the fact that I will hear him move to turn it up before I feel it. Not like impact where it stings and then dies and then stings again, but a gradual deepening, a taking over, a losing of control. And I think that is what I like. I do lose control: of my body, of my mind, of myself.

Although I am lying on my tummy, my face is turned to one side, so when he tells me that there was something he forgot I can see from his face that he didn’t really forget and this is for affect. We were sent a very generous box of toys from the lovely Satisfyer and he claims just to have remembered that he wants to use the ‘Master‘,  the “XXL vibrator with the right dimensions and the right technology!” He doesn’t say that of course but he does remind me that he is going to use the really big vibrator as he wants to fill me up.

We don’t tend to use vibrators that often and usually he would use the wand when the e-stim becomes too much on its own and he wants to leave me hovering on the edge of my pleasure/pain response. I think it will be interesting to see though and I feel quite excited about it. I open my legs wider as instructed and feel the cold as he wipes a little lube over the area. He checks that I know my safewords, which always makes me think that he thinks I might need them – this is hot for me, – and he presses his fingers, one on my clit and one on my arsehole, as he reminds me that he wants to enjoy playing with me.

He starts low to get me ready and I have reminded him of the flick sensation that our unit, the Flick Duo, has. It was described as being like a spanking sensation so I think I will like it but as it transpires, I find it hard to get into and prefer the buzz of the slow buildup with the increasing pressure that leaves me overstimulated and confused. I feel that the flick is like an itch I just can’t scratch and it is pulling me away from where I want to be, so we leave that for another day. HL adopts his usual process of slowly increasing the amps and intermittently touching and toying with me.

I am slipping away from myself, into him and his sensation, when he pushes my legs further apart and I feel something press against my hole. I know what it is and he slides the Master in slowly, allowing me to relax around it and accommodate it fully. It feels full and he turns the E-stim up a couple of notches in quick succession. It is significant now, and I catch my breath as I adapt, and then am required to adapt again. I feel myself becoming less part of the present and am drifting a little in the sensations that are taking me over.

As he carries on I can feel something, his fingers?, opening me up further and as my muscles jump and twitch and freeze in response to the electroplay, my body is open for him to do with as he wishes. I feel confused and the loss of control grows as I adapt and alter to what is being done to me. He talks to me in a low voice and I am lost to pretty much everything, except what he says and what he does. My body is no longer my own and I can’t even say with lucidity what is happening with it. I feel fuller than I ever have and although I don’t know what is where, I don’t really care.

Does he say something to start the thought? I am not sure, but I am in a room and there are other people there. He is telling them that I am there for their pleasure and they can touch and use and play with me as they want. I feel as if my cheeks are parted and despite the fact that the muscles twitch and freeze, they are within his control and not mine. I am disorientated in a delicious way and I am content just to lie there while anyone who wants to plays with me and touches me does so, but I am also embarrassed at what I have become for them.

And then he starts to talk more loudly. He is telling me, or them, that I am a slut. That I am his anal slut and that he has made me this way to please him. It is turning me on and embarrassing me at the same time. I know that it is true but it shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t be ok for him to be saying these things and for that to make me melt, but I am melting. I am melting away right in front of him as I become more and more lost and more and more needy of him and of what he is doing. I can feel the Master working away deep inside of me and I can feel him pushing something inside my anus and I don’t really care.

My body shifts to accommodate whatever he wants it to and it feels lost to me. It twitches and it opens up and I don’t have to do anything. More than that, I am powerless to stop it and although I don’t want to, I know that if I could I would recall my muscles one by one just to prove they were still within my control. But they are not. I know it and he knows it and as the amps increase the pain intensifies and the pleasure takes me over. I can do nothing but just let go. I am mastered by the Master. I am completely undone and am lost to the wave of pleasure that takes me over as my body seems to jump and twitch and push itself further into this place that he has created for me.

I have written about electro-play before. Our first attempt was not a massive success and it didn’t really give me the thrill that I had hoped for. We tried with the initial kit a couple of times and then were able to purchase an Electra-Stim which was so much better that electro-play has become one of the things we do quite frequently. It allows me to access subspace relatively easily and has also given me so great multiple/rolling orgasms (see the post Together in Electric Dreams). The posts New Year Fireworks and Electrical Connection also explain how it feels.

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    • Thanks gem. I always wonder how individual these experiences are. I guess we all feel things and translate them differently ?

  1. Love the humiliation play – very hot! – I have never participated in electro play except when get a shock from an electric fence lol x

    • Thank you. It is a different sort of feeling – nothing like the fence – but it’s probably one of those love or hate things. ?

    • We need to try it in some other situations too but it felt amazing with the E-stim! Sorry for the delay in replying – I see to have some issues with comments being marked as spam.

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