He wanted Red

He wanted red

Red. He wanted red.

Ready in red.

Kneeling down, bum on heels,

Legs apart.

Further apart.


No, further again.

Too much? No, not too much.

Carefully. Both the same.


Breathe. Remember to breathe.

Back straight.

Don’t slouch.

Breathe. Calm. Breathe again.


Chin down, eyes cast low. Don’t look.

Don’t look at all.

Just breathe.

Hands. Forgot the hands.

Cup the breasts, display them, display them.

Ready. Waiting. Breathing.

Waiting. Breathing. Ready.

I am Yours.

I am Yours.

I am Yours.

Wanting, needing,

still breathing, still waiting.


I am ready. I am ready for you.

Take me.

(100 words)


The gorgeous image above is by Tom Starling and is used with permission for Friday Flash.

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