Bright Yellow Flowers

Bright Yellow Flowers

We had driven past the field of bright yellow flowers a few weeks previously and, he had commented then, that it would be a good place to play.  I had asked what he meant and he replied that he had always wanted to chase me, naked, through a field of flowers and capture me, falling to the ground in the scent of summer and to have me there and then. It had sounded nice, dreamy really, and my reply was probably a murmur of consent as I lost myself in the thought.

When it actually happened it was a little different. He dropped me off at the side of the road and drove away. It wasn’t to be cruel, it was because he had played with his fantasy as he does, and in the weeks that passed it had formed itself and changed from an idea in his mind to a plan that he had worked through. It didn’t matter though. I was happy to oblige and so I followed his instructions gladly. He had chosen a warm day of course, care was always his thing and he knew me well.

And so in the brilliance of summer I had slipped out of my sundress in the car and exited, wearing only a small pair of black knickers and a pair of converse, and walked confidently into the field of bright yellow flowers. He sat in the car for a while and I started to run, playfully through the blooms, becoming what he wanted me to be as if it had been there within me all along. I was still running when he drove away, as agreed, to wait further up the lane, giving me time to get myself ready.

I skipped through the flowers for a bit and then slowed, choosing my place carefully. I wondered how long it would take him and felt myself grow wet at the thought. I always find that the sun on my bare skin does this too me and I felt a little thrill at the chase and the capture which was to come in the field that day. I removed my knickers as instructed and then crouched in my spot to wait.  I was to raise them when I heard the car door and then was free to run, at any point after I heard him making his way towards me.

It seemed like a long time as I sat there, breathing in the yellow blossom and listening the the sounds of the outdoor world. I felt as if I was part if it, hidden there from everyone, and somehow the natural things we can overlook felt bigger and stronger, tuning my senses into their world for that time. I was roused by the sound of a slowing engine and then, afterwards, the sounds a closing car door.  I held my knickers high above me, and waved them a little, just for good measure. My excitement increased as I waited and I wondered at what point I should run,

It is funny the way you react, even when you know you are safe, to the threat that hiding and trying not to be caught brings. I could feel the adrenaline coursing through me and it felt sexually arousing, especially because of my nakedness. I could hear movement in the field now and so I decided it was time to run, letting the chase begin. I didn’t look back, knowing that would waste time, and wanting to make this last as long as possible for him, and for me.

It wasn’t easy to run through the flowers as they were pretty tall and quite dense in places. I felt a little silly too, breasts bouncing out before me as I jogged but as I felt him get closer I upped my pace. It was then I heard a second voice, one I didn’t recognise at all and for some reason, I felt scared to look. And was that a third? Was he even there? I started to panic then. What would I do if it wasn’t him? What would happen? Was this all a big mistake?

Fear took over then and I ran faster through my field of bright yellow flowers, not knowing whether I should embrace or avoid a capture.  Perhaps if I hid again, and waited to see? I didn’t want to ruin his plans but equally well, this could have been a huge mistake. I grasped for a decision in my submissive haze, where following his instruction was really what I was meant to do. He had not said I couldn’t hide from him, so in the field I resumed my position, knickers carefully by my side this time, and waited.


Thank you to the lovely Missy from Focussed and Filthy for the use of her image, Outdoor Fun


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  1. Hi Missy. I have not been well lately, but I needed a shot of blogland today. Good story and I can’t wait to know how it turns out. The only time we have acted out such a scenario, biting bugs seemed to wreck the mood for me.


    • Hi Ella. I am really sorry to hear that you have not been well. I hope that you feel better soon. And thank you for the positive feedback on my post ?

  2. This is a fab piece, and I especially like how you’ve captured the internal struggle for a submissive as they fight with themselves on whether or not they should submit.

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