Polka Dot Knickers

Polka Dot Knickers

Polka Dot KnickersThere is never a wrong time for a polka dot.— Marc Jacobs

Back during the holidays, HL asked me to take an underwear selfie each day, as he often left for work before I was dressed.  It was a long holiday and a lot of images and I hadn’t really looked at the pictures since. Today I was flicking through my camera roll and saw this picture of my polka dot knickers and it reminded me of the summer and of the fun we had. I do think there is something cute and carefree about a polka dot so perhaps Marc Jacobs is right.

Sinful Sunday
To see who else is taking part in Sinful Sunday, please kiss the lips and check out the images.


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  1. I used to love polka dots and then it just got too much and I got rid off all my polka dot clothing. But this is such a cute pair of knickers, I might just be tempted to get one of those too!

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